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Not sure who the father is and need opinions NOW please help.?

I am in quite a delima..please dont be judgemental or MEAN. There's no need for it.

So as of right now the doctors are telling me I am 22 weeks pregnant. But I will start from the beggining.

On May 10th I had sex with a guy who is not my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I were on a break, so yeah. It was unprotected sex and after about

5 minutes I told him to stop because it was hurting. So the guy did NOT finish inside of me. and as far as I know there was no pre-*** or anything.

But theres really no way on knowing that for sure. Anyways I geuss 5 days to a week later I got my period.

And I got my period in June also..i THINK. I dont really remember but my periods are regular so I would have noticed

at the time if I didnt get my period so I'm pretty sure I got it in June.

Well my boyfriend and I got back together and had lots of unprotected sex and he finished in me almost every time.

Well on July 4th I took a pregnancy test just because I had a feeling, yknow?

Well it came up negative. Even though I WAS pregnant at that time but still really early. 'Cause if the doctors are right then

I got pregnant like June 29th.

But if that other guy got me pregnant I would have been far along enough for it to show up at that time, right?

In July I missed my period. Which usually starts around the 15th or 16th of the month. So three days or so later I took a pregnancy test.

Which of course came up positive. So I told my mom and maybe a week and a half later she took me to the doctor.

So on July 30th they gave me an ultrasound and told me I was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

I am just really ******* nervous that this isnt my boyfriends baby. I mean I love him and we want to get married SOME day.

I just am worried 'cause he has never gotten me pregnant before. But I mean that happens sometimes. It just has to happen at the right time, yknow?

And before I got pregnant I had been exorcising more and stuff and just being healthier. So maybe I became more fertile with that kind of stuff going on.

And sometimes I even feel like I am more pregnant than the doctors say. And other times I feel right on track.

I think maybe I am just being paranoid most of the time because i was more than ANTHING to have a baby that is my boyfriends.

Please I just need your alls opinions and thank you to whoever read all this.

I reallly need help.

Do you think it is my boyfriends baby or the other guys?

Sorry if I made this confusing or anything.

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    Sounds like it's your boyfriends.

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    Hmmm. Well...First I think u should tell the doctors your story. If they dont give u the answers u need u should tell you boyfriend, if he love u he should understand and if u guys were on a break he has no right to get mad. And if you are scared of his reaction, which I would probably be, wait and see when the baby comes. If it comes when they said then I guess it's your boyfriends baby. But if if come early and its the other guy, your bf would be mad u didnt say anything sooner. Good luck. I know how scary that pre-*** is. Thats how I got pregnant because my BF never finished in me, he always pulled out and I still got pregnant.

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    From what you explained, I would take a wild guess of it being your boyfriend's baby. To be an adult about the whole situation though, you should also explain to him (reguardless of what he might do or say) of the situation. It would make things easier & just make sure to explain in detail as you did on your situation to him & he shouldn't take it out on your or the child if you were on a break when you slept w/ the 1st guy. I really do believe that your boyfriend @ the time is the father, but ONLY a dni test can prove that. I'm currently pregnant, in the same situation in ways & feel as if I should be farther along but the measure of the fetus puts me right on track. Just don't let it stress yourself because it's not good during your pregnancy & let things come together on it's own.

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    hi, i really think that you have nothing be worried about, the man you had sex with didn't even finish and you had loads of sex with your boyfriend after that, logically this is your boyfrinds baby, listen to what the doctors say, and what the ultra sound says because these two combined will be very accurate, plus you need to remember that you actually had your period after sleeping with that guy, so i would say the chances are very low that he is the father of the baby, stop stressing and try and enjoy your pregnancy,congratulations and goodluck! :-)

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    It's your boyfriend's baby. If you got your period after you had sex with the other guy, it is not his. Also yes, if it was that guy's baby the pregnancy test definitely would have come up positive. You are stressing too much.

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    it have to be you boyfriend baby if it wasn't you would be farther along if you had got pregnant in may i know because i am 21wks4days and i got pregnant the end of june to the very beginning of july so your only a couple days farther than me, and my last period started on june 18 my due date is mar 25 whats yours

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    I had this same problem a long time ago...

    Trust me- unless the father are of different races,

    They all look the same comin' out! So, it doesn't really matter :)

    He will be your boyfriends child regardless, and its not like they do a fertility test or anything. You'll be fine and there's only like a 1/100 chance its that other guys' anyways.

    Congrats on being pregnant!

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    It is Deff ur boyfriends baby Congrats on ur new baby

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    I think you're going to have to wait until the baby's born to take a blood test.

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    I believe its your boyfriends baby. Good luck with that!!!!

    but i 'am almost positive its your bf.. Best wishes to you.

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