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What are some GREAT 2 player PC games?

I am looking for some games that can be played with 2 people on one PC (not online games etc) something that can be played with 2 controllers. The games are talking about are things like: Super Smash Bros., Worms, FIFA, Tekken, Mario Kart etc

I've been looking around on the internet but most people just say get an emulator and play some old games, but can you suggest something else since I've already played a lot of those before. It doesn't have to be a great game, just as long as the multi-player function is fun and is something you can play for a while.

I used to play this game with my friends, one of the Medal of Honor games but I can't remember which one, and we never played the proper missions, we just spent all our time playing the two player game where you try to kill each other. The same thing happened with Crash Team Racing, the battle mode was really addictive. That's pretty much what I'm looking for, not really a game like Lord of The Rings: Return of the King where you work together to complete a single mission, more like short games against each other.

Any suggestions will be really appreciated - Thanks

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    try, even if it sounds childish, some of the LEGO games.

    I'm 19 and I had great fund playing them with my brothers^^

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    i don't comprehend how solid your computing device is, yet i quite loved playing Skyrim. you could also check out Gta 4 or (Gta San Andreas if Gta 4 is in basic terms too heavy for your computer). i have continuously loved the want For p.c. sequence besides :)

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