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Do you wake up everyday now and say, "Thank God for President Obama"?

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    Yes. Finally a leader who can speak in complete sentences!

  • Anonymous
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    Obama won, but like him or anyone else what he is facing is unnerving and will take its toll on him in the long run. America and the nations problems are many and solutions are few! Our natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate, America's wealth has been spent and its military abused with repeated missions without adequate rest and numbers to address assigned tasks! America's manufacturing base no longer exists and a service economy is at the mercy of other nations around the globe! Barack Obama faces enormous issues that need immediate help and more trouble is on the way regarding war zones facing America's military already stretched to thin and over-worked! Getting elected by saying what the public wants to hear is the easy part, actually bettering the lives of all concerned is a monumental task with the set of given circumstances in America in 2008! Better to pray he does not snap under the pressure after he realizes he has a rattlesnake by the George W. Bush made a whole lot bigger and stronger with his two terms of constant blunders and moronic idea's of how to defend this nation, while doing everything possible to ruin our Armed Forces by putting them in "Harm's Way", way to often and the same military personnel time and time again! The men and women of America's Armed Forces and their families deserve better from their Commander in Chief! Let's hope Barack Obama does as he promised and will help them out of bad situations by doing whatever it takes!

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    No i do not.

    I wake up every morning and say Thank you God for another gift of life.

    I may not know the plan but I know I am still a part of the plan, or else I would not have awakened this morning to cherish another day of life.

    I do not give this man President ELect Obama that much thought, he is what he is, and I am what I am and the twain will never meet.

    I give him his due, and I pray that God's will be done.

  • Dexter
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    1 decade ago

    I wake up and say "Thank God i own a calender that lets me know that President Elect Obama won't be President Obama until Jan 20th, 2009".

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    You are fishing for criticisms, comments and trying to be facetious. Misery loves company and Yahoo Q&A. Who in their right mind will wake up everyday with President-Elect O'Bama on their mind? The Election is over and he won. The case should be closed but sore losers are still licking there wounds and constantly bringing up O'Bama name on Yahoo Q&A like little kids. Does it hurt that bad? He is only one little man with tan skin and simi-nappy hair. Do you wakeup everyday now, and say "Thank God for President - Elect O'Bama"? I know you do not because you are really expressing your hate for him. He do not care, he got what he wanted, and so did we.

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    You are an astute accountant of public opinion! Yes, but of course, a lot of people throughout the world are waking up everyday saying a prayer in their heart. It goes like this, "Thank you Lord, for giving us a true leader". "His eyes do not waver, his mind is sharp, He is a leader chosen by you oh merciful God". The last eight years have been dreadful. But, in Your wisdom, you saw fit to bring us a true leader. Praise you, Oh Lord, God, Our Savior, for defeating the shallow McCain and Palin evildoers!!! In their defeat shall rise the true leaders, the saviors of our planet, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and their Beautiful children, will take us to the promised land. Thank you Lord, I'm free at last, Free at Last. Amen.

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    Actually no! i wake up everyday Pet my dog, get into my Porsche go for a ride and wonder what has this country done. Then I throw some change at the Bum on the street and tell him to get a stinking job. To which he says ''but sir, havent you heard now We have a black president, we gonna get us some free stuff.''

  • KylieV
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    1 decade ago

    No and anyone who does must be severely lacking in self esteem. I don't expect any politician to do anything for me I can't do for myself.

    What the he** do you worshipers think he is going to do for us to be that thankful? Seriously, people want to become president for the Power and the Money, not to help us regular Joes, that includes Barack Obama. The sooner you wrap your mind around that truth the better off you will be.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    From a nightmare maybe...

    But seriously come on now, the guy isnt even president right now. Wouldnt you maybe want a glimpse of how he will perform before you start praising the heavens for him??

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    Yes! For the 1st time in 8 years, I believe that hope and honor will return to our country !

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