Can you switch a PATA hard drive to a SATA hard drive in a notebook?

My hard drive in my notebook just died. I want to upgrade to a faster one. Can you swap them out or am I going to have to get another PATA drive?

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    You can get a PATA to SATA converter if you're lucky and can find them, let alone fork out a fortune for this rare product. I just recommend you buy a PATA drive to ensure that your computer you cope with its interface - just make sure your new hard drive is PATA and a little bit more zippy in speed that your old one - measured in revolutions per minute (RPM's)

    I hope this helps!

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    Some models have both adapters, but very few. If it's a desktop replacement type notebook, then it has a much higher chance of having both options. At a minimum it would require you to get the SATA cable for it which the manufacturer would have to sell separate IF their system has both plugs.

    Check and see if an SATA drive was an option for that model and that may be the end of it right there. Try out which has some hard core notebook modding members and if it can be done, it's been done by a member there.

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    You will most likely have to get another PATA drive since most laptops don't come equipped with both interfaces. You can try to get a higher RPM drive though, and that should cut down on your loading time. You could also set up something like prefetch (I don't know if a windows version exists) and get more ram which would preload your common apps while the hard disk would otherwise be idle.

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    SATA and PATA are not compatible with each other. You absolutely have to get another PATA drive if you want to keep using that notebook.

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    in case you reinstall domicile windows convinced. in the different case no.the present OS received't boot up in a diverse computing device. it will be more desirable to clone the HD to a higher one(empty) and then change them.

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