I am in college and my roommate sprays lots of air fresheners in the dorm room.?

Just about every time I turn around, my roommate is spraying canned air freshener into the room. Dorm rooms are not very big spaces, and I have read it would be much healthier to open a window and get some genuine "fresh air". And I do clean the room regularly. So how can I get him to stop spraying canned "clean air" into the room? Please give me any suggestions.

Thank you.

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    Spraying aerosol air freshener is not good for your health or environment. I go into an asthma attack after walking into a room where it has been sprayed.

    You are much better off with Potpourri or candles. The tart candles are great.

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    Throwing an an air freshener into a smelly room is only to going to mix the stink with air freshener smell. It's like if you've been for a run and you're all sweaty and you spray on cologne. Now you smell like cologne and sweat :p. Not a good mix. That's why you shower and THEN spray on the cologne. Then you will smell good. Your roomie needs to clean up whatever is creating the stench. Whether it's laundry or rotten food or just his B.O. he needs to address it. Then you can add air frehener.

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    i love my home to smell fresh & clean

    and like you said, opening a window is one of the best ways, least during the day

    when i am in, at night etc i always have incense burning etc

    i cant help but think, since you clean regularly etc that he has a specific reason for doing this, and could be to do with his own hygiene, any chance he thinks he smells and this covers it up?

    spraying cans all the time is not good, for the environment or your health, counteract his need, maybe a bit girly but get some pot pourri, in a dish or 2, even out of sight ontop of a cupboard etc, you get a pump bottle of refresher spray to keep it smelling nice, also place a dish of bicarb somewhere, it will absorb any smells too

    YOU take on the task of keeping the room smelling nice and see what he does, i would rather control this myself than let him carry on this way

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    You could say that your allergic to what he's spraying ... or try to find an article about the unhealthy habit of too many canned air freshners and the goodness of good old fashioned clean air.

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    talk with your RA maybe? Me dorm mate did the same thing, but being a girl I didn't mind. Talk to him and see if you can agree on a flavor you both like, or get him hooked on candles.

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    Certain "Axe" and the like sprays give me an instant headache. Hate it so much!! I let my guys use the shower gel or the deodorant.

    Source(s): Try convincing the roommate to switch to something besides the spray.
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    Tell him its bugging you , there has to be rules in the dorm about these things .... find out.

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