Did i qive him the wronq idea?

well i was talkinq to mi friend thru (im.] and we were kinda flirtinq and i said who do you qo out wit and he said no one and i said uhmm that wont be for lonq and he said haha okay that sounds qood and put a big smiley face

but i didnt mean it that way now he probably thinks i wanna be with him i meant that wont be for lonq because he always has a differnt qirlfriend but what would you think i meant if you were him?


danqit thanks too everyone and that one about the differnt qirlfriends everyweek i mite try it and its kind of qona be akward because were kind of close we hanq out like alot but thanks too everyone

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    Wow, the joys of teen love :-) Quite honestly, this is just one of many scenarios that you'll encounter as you seek relationships in your life. You'll be fine :-) -- these kinds of mishaps happen all the time!

    A solution to your issue to just be open and honest with him. That's always the best option and will help you big time in your relationships later on in life. If I were you, I would say something like: I really had fun talking to you, but I think I may have confused you by something I said....then tell him about it. It will be fine and he'll respect you for your honesty.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes to you and yours!

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    you should have typed that right after he put the smiley.. not that you don;t want to be with him.. but something like 'since you've got a different girlfriend for every day of the week..ahahah' .. now its done and over with.. just don't say anything.. avoid it.. and bring it up again later.. about him always having a bunch of different girlfriends.. do it casually not in any serious tone (do it in person if you can.. if not..when you IM him.. just put a lot of lol's and smileys with the tongue sticking out)

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    Depends on how good friends you are. But, as a guy that would definitely make me think that you were interested. Do him a favor don't bring it up unless he does and if he does let him down easy.

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    You did sound like you were leading him on...even if that wasn't what you meant to do. He's probably embarassed because he misunderstood you. You have to be careful when you flirt because with guys they usually take it seriously that you're into them, and not just having fun.

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    well idk and know one that answers this knows for sure because we are not him and cannot get into his mind. but when I read it, with my 17 year old mind i thought you ment that you liked him and you wanted to go out with him. lol! I dont think your friendship will change so I wouldn't worry about it

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would've thought that you liked me if I were him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should tell him you didn't mean it in that way...and what did you mean then?

  • ketten
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    1 decade ago

    umm.....did you know that there is a letter on the keyboard for the "g"..you don't have to use q....

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    i think u wanna be with me if i was him

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