How much would you spend on an engagement ring?

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    Really, I think it's what the guy feels like spending. I had a ring in mind and it was something I really wanted. I knew the price was a bit up there, $4600, so I really wasn't expecting it. He knew it was what I wanted and so he went out and got it for me. Everyone says the ring doesn't matter but screw them, it definitely does. It doesn't really matter how much the ring costs but you know you want to go to your friends, family, and coworkers and show off the ring your fiance bought for you. I personally didn't want a white gold ring where I would have to get it re-dipped every year or so to keep its color. I wanted platinum! I want a ring that I will be able to hold on to for the rest of my lift and pass it on to my kids if they should ever want it. I wanted high quality, not something that wouldn't look like the day I got it 30 years down the road...

    I would try to show him something you like that is in his price range. I showed my fiance a few rings that were in his budget, Most were around $1500-$3500 and then the one I really loved (the one I ended up getting). I showed him the style I liked and the material that I wanted. I didn't say a carat size, I let him do everything like that on his own. He made an excellent choice without me so I know that he has good tastes.

    Just give your boyfriend some ideas of rings you like and then see what he ends up choosing for you. It's more fun when there is that little bit of surprise! I bawled my eyes out and almost passed out when I saw my little blue box around our puppy's neck.

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    De Beers says 2 months salary. But De Beers has been controlling the diamond market for quite some time. Prior to the 40s, people didn't really give diamonds.

    As a guy, I say, you spend as much on the engagement as she wants you to spend, lol.

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    20% or 10% of a man's gross income??? lol.. That's crazy.. I know jewelry is important to a lot of women but come on... A person should spend what they can afford from their savings account.. There's no need to dip into checking accounts, credit cards or retirement accounts.. And if that means that they can only spend 500 or 1000 then so be it.. The last thing you want to do is go into a marriage in a lot of debt for a piece of jewelry

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    In my case I didn't want an engagement ring. I just wanted a nice gold band. My husband got me a beautiful gold watch locket and with it a note that said he would always have time for me. But some people but a higher price on love. Just my opinion

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  • i know my answer will be totally different from others but i am helpless becoz i think this way that why are people so materialistic, i have also read some of the answers but i have shocked that people qouated prices and given choices, but i just wann a know does price really mean some thing in true love and if it than i think thats not a real love. i think what ever u gift depending on your capacity of earning that should be ok with your mate, but any way in todays world money becomes so important that if you are rich u can have so many girlfrds but for me thats bullshit.

    i am extremely sorry if i hurted somebody but still i wanna say what i have written is right according to me

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    It depends on what you can afford. I would want a ring with the highest quality. It's an investment. It could be passed on to my grand kids.

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    I spent $1,700 - and there probably isn't a good justification for it. I just wanted my wife to have a nice ring, but I still didn't have to spend quite that much.

    Probably anything over $2,000 is completely unnecessary and frivolous.

    Fuss - 20% of a man's annual earnings?! That's insane. No wonder when I go to work I see so many houses in foreclosure and cars being repossesed.

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    I would say rather have a happy fiance then a wack ring she won't even wear...if you love her make her happy...

    You only get married once....make it right.....

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    since you have the wedding ring to not to much for the engagement... save it for the best

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    The rule of thumb use to be 20% of the man's gross, annual earnings.

    Times have changed. Probably 10% of gross is more realistic.

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