roman invention that revolutionized the built environment?

can anyone tell me what roman invention revolutionized the built environment? And why was it so revolutionary? 10 points for best answer

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    Concrete (cement).

    Although the Roman style of architecture was taken from the Greeks, the Greeks built their buildings and roads using cut stone. This is a LOT slower than mixing up a batch of concrete, which allowed the Romans to build huge cities and all the infrastructure required in mass quantities, including mass-produced buildings and roads. So now you have large cities possible and roads to connect them for trade and commerce in a huge empire. The reason why Christianity spread so quickly compared to earlier religions was the ability to spread the teachings using the Roman roads and infrastructure.

    Of course, Roman buildings didn't last as well as the stone buildings of the Greeks even though they are newer...

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    The modern road.


    It allowed for easier access to places and within cities/towns etc.

    The road also allowed the roman army to have better access to various places because they didn't have to battle with rough terrain, just a flat road. As a result they could cover more distance in a shorter amount of time.

    They allowed for better access to foreign traders and even Roman traders.

    Think of all the things we use roads for today and thats how it revolutionised the built environment.

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    The Romans were inventors that revoultionized many things we now take for granted. The invented the arch, roads, concrete, and aqueducts and water systems.

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    Earliest form of plumbing. Moved water gathering from outdoors to delivered to the home.

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    The Aqueduct :)

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