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Why was the Roman Republic so effective b/t 400-150 BC, but later collapsed?

Why was the republic successful for so long and why did it then collapse?

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    Narrowmindness and personal greed from the (very) rich. The senate never saw the need why common soldiers would need a retirement bonus. After all, they (the senators) served *cough* for free, so why shouldn't anybody?

    The result was that the common soldiers had to rely on their general to secure them a plot of land. If that general was not as noble as one expected, he might - and did - use this powerbase to blackmail the senate or directly march on Rome.

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    Any civilization grows and be very strong then

    fall back and collapsed(this is the life)

    not just the Roman Republic, Islamic empire, Turkish empire,

    Spanish, British empire and Soviet on.

    even U.S.A will collapses oneday.

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    Personal rudeness.

    The lack of concern for the Roman citizen.

    Overgrown government that became unwieldy.

    Lots of reasons....

    Want to compare it to modern times....try's actually kind of interesting to see the similarities.

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