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Did I eat too much today?

Breakfast: Butter cookies

Lunch: Sandwiches and some cheese (probably around 350 calories)

Snack: Grapes and dates (I had a bad sugar craving)

Did I have too much? The sandwiches and the cheese was cafe food. Did I eat unhealthy? If I jog 2.5 km later, can I burn off some of the calories and not put on weight?


Should I also brisk walk for half an hour or an hour?

Update 2:

I'm actually short (5'2''), so for someone short, would that be too much?

Update 3:

I haven't eaten dinner yet, but it'd probably be something like lunch (or a little less)...

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    Im shorter than you and i eat more. &im in healthy weight range.

    You ate too little.

    Have a balanced breakfast. Cereal with low fat milk and a piece of fruit.

    Lunch have sandwhich whole grain, with salad cheese and meat.

    EAT DINNER... Lean meat, veggies and potatoes.

    Eat some fruit, nuts or tubs of low fat yoghurt for snacks.

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    u must be joking with me right? u've gotta be kidding me! thats how much i eat in one meal! thats not even 1000 calories. u wanna lose weight? eat more!! yeah thats right eat more because eating less will make ur metabolism slower and that causes the craving for sweets. if u ear more of them sandwiches and grapes and dates and add some more healthy food and exercise u will sure start to lose weight. losing weight should be slow, it should never be fast or through starvation. email me if u need some specific help even though i have my own business and sell my help to people. if u wanna brisk walk for an hour u need to enough to have energy for an hour. u r gonna suffer terrible health problems if u keep doing what ur doing now. did u eat too much? i think u ate more than a baby maybe but not too much for an average person. u have food, eat! ppl die to have something to eat and u have it and refuse to eat just because u wanna lose weight?? u need some serious help cuz thats also insecurity.

    Source(s): former navy. fitness training 3 years (check out my new website)
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    I actually think you are not eating enough, You are probably taking in~1300 calories at most from that diet

    How much do you weigh/height? Is this what you eat normally? Eating 1 big meal a day promotes your body to slow down metabolism and to store as much energy as possible when it has the chance since you are not giving the body constant fuel throughout the day.

    but thats my opinion =/

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    You ate a lot of empty calories but didn't eat a lot of volume or calories. It's just that most of your calories today are coming from fat and sugar, all processed crap your body simply doesn't need.

    Instead of focuing on grabbing a handful of this or that, or getting "cafe food," pay attention to what you're putting into your body. Plan ahead.

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    im shorter than you a bit and im underweight. I eat wayy more than you did.

    it amazes me how u can resist the urge to not eat unhealthy sweets. fruits never satisfy my 24/7 sweet tooth.

    if I were u, I would of switched the snack to breakfast. fruits in the morning is always great. it absorbs more nutrition. butter cookies aren't really healthy, but u can have them once in a while. if I eat unhealthy foods for breakfast, I feel sluggish and nauseous the whole day. I stick to a mini apple or a piece of bread to make me full until lunch.

    not to lecture u or anything, but please try to eat more. I didn't eat much for a few years and it messed up my body permantly.

    Source(s): personal experience.
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    Where is dinner? You aren't really doing yourself any favors by eating to little, it makes the body less likely to burn off calories...

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    Too LITTLE is more like it.

    I think you should talk to someone who could give you better suggestions on your dietary choices and meal planning.

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    To Little I think this is a desperate cry for attention

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    Are you kidding?

    Definitely not...

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