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can a guy and a girl be just friends after being in a relationship?

i just broke up with my boyfriend. and he wanted us to be bestfriends. cos im really close with him. the thing is he does loves me but he just wants to be friends. what does that mean?

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    He's not in love with you. He just loves you. Two different things. He doesn't fall off his chair everytime you smile at him anymore. It means that you guys are so close to each other that he doesn't want to lose you as a friend, but still wants your company and doesn't want to lose touch with you. He doesn't want to "not know you" anymore. He wants the two of you to maintain some kind of friendship minus the intimacy. Very confusing..

    Don't try too hard to figure things out when it comes to guys. Unlike girls, there's no underlying meaning to a lot of what they say.

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    I know that it can be done, because I have had a relationship with someone and we are still real good friends. I think it depends on the people that are in the relationship and being honest with each other. Since you are the one that broke up with him and he is still willing to be best friends, its your call. What it means is that he still does care and if he can't have you as his girl friend, he is satisfied with being best friends. Since you broke up with him, he doesn't have many choices does he?

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    It means he doesn't want to hurt your feelings by telling you he really wants to date other people. Sure you can be friends but only if you can handle the fact that he is going to see other people. I have been friends with an ex and we broke up over 18 years ago so it's possible. Good luck

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    I believe that there is no such thing as JUST friends after a relationship.

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