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Why is it murphys law happens with girls never sitting by me when I want them to?

Ok. This is definetely like Murphys law and is really fresturating! Everytime I want to sit by a cute chick, it never happens!! I am always ending up sitting by some fat dude who is squishing me and gay guys on the bus and no chicks are attracted to me! I am a good looking guy too!! But whenever I am not in the mood, THATS WHEN GIRLS START TALKING TO ME AND SITTING BY ME RIGHT WHEN I AM ABOUT TO GET OFF!! Why is that? When I am not in the mood and dont want girls to bother me, they do when I am not thinking of them but if I have my mind on them and if I really want to talk to them, THEY NEVER TALK BACK TO ME OR SIT BY ME! Why is that? Its so fresturating! and when a girl sits by me when I am about to get off, I am thinking: "OH WELL JEZ NOW YOU COME OVER AND SIT WITH ME AFTER ALL THIS TIME YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU!" Its ridiculous! Any advice to get girls to sit by me more?

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    Because they can sense they are and when they aren't going to be harrassed by you :)

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    I know this one, I know this one. It's because you are a silly thing who can't even use Check Spelling; a teenager who has moods and things others are supposed to bow down to him, and finally you use all caps too much to really be interesting to anyone, including the fat dudes forced to sit next to you. This equation = Total Loser .

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