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If you can easily feel your dogs backbone and ribs does this mean your dogs too skinny ?

i leave my dogs food all day for her but she really doesnt like to eat everyday doese this mean shes stressed or is that just the way she is??????


she has long fur so i cant easily see if the bones show or not idk if that matters she a long hair chihuahua. it doesnt matter if she has long fur? so if you can c her ribs and has long fur that means shes too skinny but if you cant then its ok???

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    Here is a good link so you can get an idea of skinny or ideal weight from looking at the dog from above.

    Dobes are meant to have a waist and a couple or ribs visable but not too visable.. there is a fine line. Greyhound and whippets are meant to be very lean.

    Don't leave food out for the dog to graze on. Feed it twice a day and then it will appreciate it's food and eat it when it is there. Also what kind of food are you feeding her? Try some fresh mince or a minced chicken frame so that it smells fresh and yummy not like horrid dog food pellets that are the dry foods on the market.. They are not good for dogs at all.

    Is the dog drinking water? If not soak your dry kibble so that it is wet and soggy and that way the dog will be taking in water and less likely to damage her kidneys by eating the dry food only.

    Source(s): Owner of 2 Dobermann Show Dogs BARF feeder
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    Some dogs don't do well with free-feeding, you can try taking up the food and feed her about three times a day specifically.

    Chihuahuas tend to be fairly skinny as a breed standard, especially if they're active. If you're really worried, a vet trip is in order - it should be simple for your vet to make sure your dog isn't too thin. Without a picture I can't say if your dog is too thin, you can almost always feel a healthy dog's ribs and spine but if they're too prominent, your dog is too thin.

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    That sounds too thin for a a chihuahua. Feed her twice a day and stop leaving the food out for her to graze on. Maybe try a premium quality food, though you don't say what she is eating at present.

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    it usually depends on the breed because some dogs are just built that way, kind of like Grayhounds.

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    too thin for a chi,have her checked for parasites

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    It means it's *NOT* OBESE,like so many are!!!!

    Food does NOT equal "love"!

    FAT does NOT mean "well-loved"!!!!

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    if by dog, you mean penis, then yes.

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