Help me find a new band 10pts?

im really into alternative music and some emo im looking more for emo than anything but please no screamo i really like bands such as

the academy is... afi, boys like girls, my chemical romance, story of the year, paramore and things of that nature thanks for your help

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    The Get Up Kid, Texas Is the Reason, Senses Fail, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Thursday

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    I don't really listen to Emo stuff but here are some alternative bands:


    - Chris Cheney is the leader singer and is gorgeous

    - They have a great sound which is so varied

    - Their influences are some rockabily bands as well as Greenday

    - I suggest, according the the other bands you like, you listen to their latest album, White Noise.


    - Probably one of the original angsty bands

    - Ian Curtis was amazing and died young after he killed himself... proof his music was angsty

    - I suggest listening to Love Will Tear Us Apart first


    - The amazing Kurt Cobain (RIP)

    - Probably most famous for Smells Like Teen Spirit but I prefer a lot of their other songs

    - Drummer (Dave Grohl) went on to form Foo Fighters. But FF's stuff is way different to Nirvana's stuff



    - If it weren't for bands like the Sex Pistols your emo bands wouldn't be around!

    - Famous for being rude, loud and singing God Save The Queen (not the national anthem but a song about a possible republic) on the Queen's Silver Jubilee

    - Oh, and the Bill Grundy Incident. Youtube it. It's fantastic.


    - A sort of alternative/punk band

    - Pete Doherty and Carl Barat are the frontmen (or were should I say)

    - Listen to What Became Of The Likely Lads, Good Old Days and Vertigo.

    That's all from me and if you like these bands or any of their songs, email me and I will give you some more.

    If you don't like them, oh well. I tried, right?


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    Try Finch's album What It Is To Burn. I don't consider them emo in any sense, being they begun as a Deftones cover band, however they are going that route with their newest release. Anyhoo. yeah, buy it.

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    1 decade ago

    Karnivool, Birds of Tokyo.

    Aussie bands

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    Shiny toy guns, broken social scene, the maine, silversun pickups, innerpartysystem, bloc party, flyleaf, the fratellis, vhs or beta. Enjoy

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    Edguy or The Rasmus

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    1 decade ago

    Three days grace

    Queens of the stone age



    just some suggestions

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    thursday, cursive, blakq audio, emil bulls, yourcodenameis:milo, muse, radiohead, thrice, receiving end of sirens, sound of animals fighting, smashing pumpkins

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