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national certification for massage ?

hello everyone ,

just a quick question . im planning on moving to fernley nevada and the requirement out there for a massage therapist is certification and nationals certification.. i got the certification in massage but not the nationals.................

so my question is HOW hard is the nationals certification test..........i dont wanna blow it my first time, It does cost about 300 bucks to take it so PLEASE someone help me with some info


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    I'm going to take the Nationals probably in March... my teachers have been telling me to study about 3 hours a week just to keep up with the intake.

    It contains 200 questions, and you have to read them carefully because they like to be tricky with them at times.

    It's definitely not a test that you should mess around with.. know your stuff.

    I think it's actually $250 to take it... :P

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    Blow your way thru it...

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