Opinion on the HTC Fuze from AT&T?

I was wanting opinions on what people think of the HTC Fuze from AT&T. I am due for an upgrade and this is a phone that I am looking into getting. I not only want opinions but i also want the reason for that opinion. I will be with this phone for 2 years so I need to make sure I am getting the right one. I also want to know how the internet on the phone is compared to the iPhone's internet. (Like is it the whole internet or just "mobile internet"? Everyone's help is appreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    alrite well i jsut got this phone a few days ago and its everything i hoped for and more. the camera is really good and shoots pretty good videos as well. the music sounds nice. the keyboard is really good. the touchflo is jsut like the iphone. the internet isnt too fast but its acceptable andd. yeah you can get full internet, rather than jsut mobile. aim is also really good, its liek the sidekick has your entire buddy list and all. the only things i found wrong were that the battery life isnt too good and its a little slow switchin modes when you open the keyboard. however its a really cool phone and im still tryin to figure everything out.

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