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Does he just want to get to know me or is he hoping that I'll give him some?

I have a co-worker that I have been attracted to since the moment I saw him. After working together several times, feelings grew. He knows that I have those feelings. He flirted and I flirted back. I found out that he has a stable girlfriend. I was disappointed but I dealt with it. His girlfriend works with us to and she is real sweet and respect her a lot. I have cut back on flirting with him all together. Anyway recently he's been inviting me to go to his house (doesn't live with gf) and texts me asking when i'm gonna come and see him. Is he just trying to make a friendship work or is he wanting me as a piece of a**?

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    Only if he is not longer seeing the other girl. As a guy I would say he is interested in trying to get inside you pants - and so tacky with two co-workers. Please forget about it. You made the right call when you cut things off after discovering a girlfriend.

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    Yeah, he wants some booty. No man with a stable girl is going to invite another women to his house without her knowing about it, unless of coarse you guys were friends before they started dating.

  • he wants some. i wouldnt go to his house, you dont want to be pressured into something

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