worst situation ever please help?

there's this girl i am really starting to like...... she is in love with this guy but he was just told he cant talk/hangout or even see this girl because he is 17 and shes 15..... we are best friends basically and she comes to me for advice i told her some advice and then i told her not to and when she ask why i said it was because i like her and i didn't want her to think i was just trying to get a better shot.(up until then she didn't know i liked her) when i told her that it didn't even really phase her she just kept talking about how the advice was good and she was thankful for having me as a friend

we are really close now and we do a lot of flirting and i think she likes me and i want to ask her out but i rally cant because im moving out of state in a month and so there would be no use..... i want to tell her that i will come back for her because i know i would that's how strong my feelings are for her... she is the type of girl that once i turn 18 i will drive back and get her and Just be with her forever......so i want to tell her that but i highly doubt she will believe me cuz when i told her i was moving she got really upset and started holding more back on the flirting and such.....

it really sucks cuz i know i want to be with this girl for a really really really long time but my parents are rushing me out of the state and there is nothing i can do....

any advice for me

i feel strange asking for advice cuz out my all my friends im the one people go to for advice and it seems weird how the guy that has advice for everyone doesn't have advice for his self.

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  • Blue
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    1 decade ago

    I think you should let her go. You'll be 18 next year and can't be with someone her age legally anyhow. Don't set yourself up for something stupid. You'll meet someone new (hopefully, closer to your age). Also, flirting is flirting. She wasn't your girlfriend. In one years time everything will be different. Move one.

  • 1 decade ago


    You got a chance. Ask her out.

    Really. The guy she likes.. TURNED HER DOWN

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