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What is the best server I can get for $1,000?

I need a server for running some software 24/7. The most important thing above all is reliability. The server must have little to no chance of crashing. I am looking to spend $1,000.

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    You don't have to spend near that much. For powerful hardware, consider the refurbished equipment from Sun. I mean you can get a 64-bit SPARC for as little as $50, you add the graphics card and monitor and the size hard drive you want. A server is OS. Look into Kubuntu, a stripped down Ubuntu Linux and that will run on an older AMD or Intel motherboard. Other choices include Apache Server from or the commercial products from Microsoft.

    File servers are not so graphics intensive and just pump files. I really can't see a $1,000 server just to learn the basics. Get you an uninterupted power supply (not the surge strip, but the transformer with the battery).

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    any cheap computer will do for a server.. it don't have to be spectacular it is the server operating system that counts the most... it needs to be secure and fast, that as got to be Linux

    The Internet runs of Linux Google and Yahoo use it. Linux server operating software is free to download and use every Linux distribution as it's own server software

    The best free Linux server operating system is Opensuse, Novells suse Linux free community system why? Microsoft have paid Novell Suse Linux $340 million for their server software support and Novell is a big software networking company

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    Depends on what you are wanting the server for. I design servers for a living and can work with you on this if you would like. Shoot me an e-mail at .

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