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Importance of Good Credit?

What will having good credit do for you? please list some reasons. If u want 10 points, explain a little. Thanks! :D Also will good credit help keep your girlfriend?

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    Good credit, is your life, with out it, you will get ripped off on everything you are ABLE to buy, yes, able, because with out good credit, you can not buy whatever you want, and alot of times you need to have a co-signer, and alot of people will not want to do that, because it could mean their credit is at risk, if you do not pay bills on time. Credit gets you a house, loans, cars, credit cards, Basically EVERYTHING. Credit is sooo important. Keep in mind, as well, with no good credit, when you are able to buy something the interest rate is outrageous. Example a car...good credit u can get 0%-6% interest, bad credit = 18%-25% interest rate, you are paying thousands of extra due to bad credit. Basically good credit ensures you that if you have a job, and are able to pay for things you can have whatever you want. Now, as far as keeping your gf, if she knows you can buy her anything, sure,she might stay, but..i wouldn't want that to be a reason that a girl might want to stay!! Good Luck!

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    nah good credit won't help keep ya girl, that's all you man. But you will have less interest, and basically the road will be made a lot easier for you, you will still have to travel it, but let's put it this way (while everyone with bad credit is driving in their hot beat up car with no music, some on a motorcycle, and some on a scooter, bicycle, and to some extremem a horse, you can comfortably have your AC) you all gotta drive down the road, but you got the luxuary.

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    Good credit is the key to getting everything you want! Low interest rates, a great home mortgage, car! Credit is of great importance. I would not marry someone if they had poor credit, because that would tarnish mine, which I worked a lifetime to achieve!

  • good credit is important because no one will let you rent or get a loan from a bank if you have credit issues. no good credit will not help with the girls lol

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