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Is my son starting to get sexually curious?

my 11y.o. son has become closer to me than before like he always comes home from school early but i felt uneasy sometimes because he goes to my room after i just came out from a bath and about to get dressed. He just played there with his psp and told me stories about school, i told him to go to his room so i could have my privacy while i get dressed. He told me that he won't look and faced backwards and played with his video game. I also asked him one time what he was doing inside my closet when i came out from the shower he told me that he was going to surprise me, but he looked pale and nervous when i caught him. I don't know if his behavior is is still normal for boys his age. Is he starting to get sexually curious at this age? What should i advice him to do? Cause my husband works abroad. thanks

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    Kids are sexually curious from the time that they can walk.

    Why don't you just ask him what he was doing, he may be curious about your things, your clothes (maybe even trying them on, kids do funny things), once they have seen you naked once or twice he won't even notice next time.

    What is your problem with him being in the room while you get dressed?

    Judging by the large number of questions that you have posted about your 11 and 14 year old sons (and your doctor) , all being of a sexual nature, you appear to be clinicaly obssessive.

    It sounds like you have issues that need to be addressed , you need advice, not him.

    With his dad abroad you are temporarily both his parents rolled into one so it is inevitable that he will be really close to you

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    I would say his behavior is normal. At 12 a boy is starting to get very sexually curious about the female body, even more so than boys in their late teens. It's all so new and exciting at that age that it can be hard to resist looking, even if it's his mom. You should have a talk with him about what's appropriate and inappropriate behavior. It's not appropriate for him to peep at people through the window or in other situations without their permission. On the other hand, you shouldn't make him feel like the female body is something dirty. You could sit down with him and let him look at "artistic nudes" of women while you explain the female body. That will take away much the "mystery" about female nudity.

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    well first i thnk it's better stop doubting again if u've figured out what has happend to in what u said i mean u kinda need to talk to him in sum nice way, dont just tell him " stop behaving like this, it's not good for your age" cuz that will just increase the problem and the curiosity of him about sex nd stuff..else you need to understand that maybe your son just grew abit faster than others who are around the same age. so in this way it's not sumthing that bad to him..just he needs a little right, understandable direction for him. well just try avoiding the common mistakes some other parents often do to their children. then again, try to understand your son :)

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    Newsflash: he's been sexually curious since birth.

    Tell him that you don't want him in the room when you're getting dressed.

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    His testosterones are kicking in.

    Of course when you confront him, he'll be embarrassed.

    Have a sit down and talk to him.

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    well i guess its time for the sex talk and don't make it a big deal

    when i was his age that's when my mom gave me the talk

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    well for one thing. if thats you in the pic i would sneak in your room too at 11.


    Source(s): boy brain. i have one. since im a boy. also. P:
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    i'd let it go, just tell him to keep out of your room

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