Alchemy...Do "you" know the alchemist?

On a journey I found lemons, but made lemonade. It is still sour, but I am making it sweeter.


Do you realize we are all an alchemist. To be able to transform who we are. Refining ourselves each day until we are gold. I understand Paulo now.

Update 2:

Zhao Z you are absolutely correct and beautifully spoken.

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    Alchemy is about acquiring an Elixir of Life in us. Elixir of Life is not something tangible and it is attained through prolonged practice of self-cultivation of the mind and the bodily gems through stillness and meditations. In ancient China, Taoists use to describe the process symbolically. It involves the transmutation of lead into gold. Lead and gold are simply transformation of our imperfect state of being represented by trigram of Li and Kan to Chien and Kun. It involves the natural regulation of our internal Yin and Yang life forces to be circulated without obstruction within our body system.

    The transmutation process purifies and returns our spiritual state that exists in polar opposite forces of Yin and Yang into an ABSOLUTE being that is free from the influence of Yin and Yang forces. Achieving that balance will result in him being one with all beings, animated or unanimated and consequently, he is able to exist in a state that is free from the bodily encasement and thus attaining eternal life (spiritually).

    Too difficult to understand? That is why the process of alchemy has been simplified to that of changing base metals to gold. This leads to confusion and has misled many alchemists in thinking that it is a process of turning real metals to real gold. Quite sad!

    Source(s): The Great Dao
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    I believe that alchemy is the ancient chemistry and they say that some alchemists from china, Iran and some other regions in Asia tried to make the philosopher stone which could change cheap metals into gold. Even when it developed and the philosopher stone was proven false, a man that practices chemistry at that time is called an alchemist.

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    My favorite Alchemist is Comte Saint Germain. He lived from around 1500 to 1932 or so. It is said that he ascended when he left. He didn't die. He said he would be back when we need him. I think we really need him now. He's an interesting legend, was a big fan of Jesus Christ, and was a TRUE alchemist in that he believed that one had to be a pure and honest spirit in order to perform alchemy. I'm still reading his book.

    Good stuff. I believe that the Prophets transcribed it as in Mr and Mrs Prophet.

    Peace, Love, and Light!

    I AM


  • Anonymous
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    Consciousness is matter. Body is mind. Spirit is flesh. Everything is everything. Everything is the same thing. Everything is the same one thing. One. Flesh is now holy ground. This is it, live in the truth of life and live fully not expecting anything from the future but enjoying things the way they are, so simple yet for the intellect that strives to make things right it seems to be worthless.

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  • Anonymous
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    It was a decent story but it lost steam near the end.

    Might as well ferment the lemons and make lemon vodka.

    Source(s): Also that guy just waffles on and on and on in some of his other books.
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    Indeed we are. My old time favorite has to be Sir Isaac Newton

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    Watch how my tribe of magicians practices spiritual alchemy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Let me know when you find the philosopher's stone.

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