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If Palin hates the media so much, why does she spend so much time talking to reporters?

The woman has been on just about every single major media outlet and news program in the last two weeks. She's given more interviews than Barack Obama, for God's sake. Yet she claims at every turn the media is biased, unfair, and out to get her. But I guess not unfair enough to stop her from granting them every interview they ask for? Way to hit back, Sarah.

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    Because she can demonize the media all she wants, but what she really desires is to become their new darling.

    She used to BE a reporter, for God's sake. Lying back and criticizing the media is hypocrisy. She has control over how she looks in the media - as a former reporter, she should already know what types of questions reporters ask. She has no excuse for going into interviews so unprepared. Worse yet, she has NO EXCUSE for not knowing how to play the media to her advantage.

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    She's out from underneath the idiots in the McCain campaign, and she's doing damage control. Excellent idea, in my opinion. If she is planning on running again (she has my vote if she does), then she needs to do this, to keep her public image up. (Believe it or not, a LOT of people like Gov. Palin and believe she would be excellent in the White House, including me)

    To this idiot Obama lover above me, "YES WE DID", she was a reporter, yes. For sports. Anyway, she is attacking BIASED liberal media. Because that's what they were. They pushed that damn "Fashiongate" story for two weeks, while they should've been discussing Obama's support of partial-birth abortion and the fact that he thinks the average American "clings to their guns and religion." And we haven't forgotten Mr. Ayers.

    And as for her going in unprepared to interviews - maybe you should realize that she had twenty four hours to prepare before she was out on the national stage. She's done very well - and those Couric interviews were edited so horribly that you would have to be an imbecile not to realize it.

    YOU WISH - Barack Hussein delayed Game 5 of the World Series so that his stupid infomercial could finish running. And you call Palin the media whore? Think, people. And the clothes? It was the campaign that did that. Why do you think they are coming out with these "Palin demanded the clothes" allegations? They planned this! The campaign aides ordered the clothes. Half weren't even worn. EVERY SINGLE article of clothing that WAS worn has been returned to the RNC. If you have to blame anybody (because I realize that you liberals have to) blame the RNC because the people who ran it this election are complete incompetent tards.

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    I look forward to her speaking to the media, cause she will always say something stupid & give the late night comedians new material to work with. They probably grant her interviews cause it's pretty much automatic she says something stupid.

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    She is just trying to get ready for the next presidential election that I hope that she lose so that my president Barack Obama can be but back in to office.

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    She doesn't hate them, nor did she say she hated them.

    Basically the media was biased. She did an interview on Larry King tonight and frankly though a chatter box, she seemed rather cordial.

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    Because she's a media whore with no substance, plus she's gotta find a way to pay off the GOP for those clothes. Donate to charity my ***.

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    She is trying to recreate image so she can take a run at the white house later. She has tasted power...and she likes it.

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    Sarah never said she "hates them" fyi...

    and yes they are unfair and biased. this could be the GOP wanting her to not herself wanting to.

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    why did she wait so long to do all these interviews

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    Yeah, she is more interesting and more down to earth than Obama. I love Sarah, she is going to do great things one day.

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