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everyone answer this right now you will get Best Answer ?

we talk msn for long time 6 to 7 hours

- we talk on the phone for 4 hours

- we hang out for long time

- she laugh at my dumb jokes

- we can talk about anything and stuff

When we went hang out for first two times, i asked her for a hug and she give it to me, two time i ask her for a hug, i saw her with a big smile on her face, i never saw before

she tell me that if u wanna talk just text my phone all the time after we talk on msn for about 3 or 4 hours

we talk on the phone for 4 hours

she told me k im just not ready for a relationship i hope we can be friends and still hang out because your alot of fun and i dont want to lose you as a friend and i need to figure alot of things out before im able to get into a relationship

we hang out but i ask her what to do .. she said that we should rent a movie so.. we went to rent a movie came back to my place were we watched, we watching the movie and i keep looking at her, she keep moving around, then she get up and sit back down, she move little closer to me so.. when my little sister come back to talk to us, i saw her knee was on my foot mm oh ok, i really didn't say anything, i keep making her laugh a lot, one time she came pretty closer to me when she was laughing

We play getting know eachother game but she didnt have any questions

she said i dunno a lot

she told me r u trying at all to get over me?

i said no

she said k well im telling u that ur better off getting over me

i said :well here this is how i feel trust is i'm afraid to be your friend, cause i'm always gonna want more but then i just got thinking i'd have you in my life as a friend then not at that all

She said :k well how i feel is that i dont feel like i can be friends with you right now because your not trying to get over me and its akward hangig out with you

she said : k well i talked to someone people and they told me that i need to tell you that you need time away from me to get over me cuz your not ready to be friends

she said : and i've known for a couple weeks that you werent ready to be friends so i think in one weekend you finally decided your ready

she said : you can expect me to believe that in one weekend you finally decided that your ready to just be friends

she said : cant*

we hanged out next day

i playing defense right now

what should be my next move?

do you think she like me or just friend ?

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    If she says she has no interest in a relationship of more than friends then maybe, MAYBE, you didn't let her know what kind of relationship you wanted from the beginning. I ALWAYS am very up front and clear in the type of relationship I want when getting involved with ANYONE.

    Careful, there are many out there that would love to have the support of a significant other, and still be with the pieces of crap they are with. Get the hugs and support from you, but continue the toxic relationship with the other.

    If she has no questions...move on. If you always have to make the 1st move on the phone, in text, on chat, I.M'ing, move on. If you EVER are having to make the 1st communication consistently with ANYONE, move on. Stop wasting your time with some negative people.

    Getting over her is a smart move...basically, she's not worth it...AND SHE'S RIGHT!!

    I have NEVER been friends with my ex's. I actually think it's really weird to do that. I'll NEVER offer it either. I see people who do that and it seems really weird when they are together.

    Sounds like you are still in maybe middle school or h.s. If so, forget the women and concentrate on money. If you make yourself a powerful financial stability, you'll have choices of many women. WOMEN, not girls, seem to be attracted to men with financial stability...don't blame them.

    She hopes that you will be willing to be a shoulder to lean on and still treat you like crap regardless of how you sacrifice for her. So, don't sacrifice ANYTHING!!

    Lose the number, don't respond, at all. Not even in passing, other than, "Hi". And leave it at that.


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    I think you should stay away from here for now tell her you don't want to be friends, I know it will be really hard but she won't make a decision as long as you are around, give her time to miss you and the only way you are going to do that is if you are not around her, no contact at all. Start flirt with other girls as well make her think you are moving on, it works every time

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    i think she is only looking at you as just a friend. I'd seriously leave her alone and not txt her or call her or msn her. as a matter of fact i'd block her. and play "im not into you anymore" game. And who know's she might pounce on you. then again she might be hoping that is exactly what you will do.

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    man! that was a very toxic question LOL!

    it doesn't matter if she likes you...

    question is, do you like her?

    you have the best answer dude...

    if you do, what the **** are you doing here? go ask her out.

    if not, what a waste of time to encode that LOL!

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    She likes you. Ask her out and man what a a long q.

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    dating advice from yahoo answers... top stuff.

    i think she hates you and will never want to see you again. in fact i believe she is urinating on your dead relatives' graves right now. but then i didn't read that load of crap up there, just picked up the general gist of it.

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    She is looking for the finest person of her choice .Try your luck in the lot .

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    shes deff attracted to you. wait a week and if it gets better then ask her out :p

  • ask her out

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    We can't all get best answer.

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