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What good advice you have for a couple who is thinking of migrating to Philippines to start up a Business?

I’m a Sri Lankan who got married to a Filipina in April this year; we both are working & living in Sri Lanka now. Due to recent discussions we been having we are thinking of the possibility to migrate to Philippines & start a Business of our own. We are thinking of living in Urdeneta, Pangasinan where my wife was born & raised, her family still lives there.

My wife is a beautician hence naturally we would be looking at opening up our own “Hair/Make up Studio” – How viable is this? What would be the Initial Investment & the possible earning capacity? A rough working would help. Any government regulations on starting up a business of this nature?

I would be looking at investing in Agriculture / Farming - How viable is this? What would be the Initial Investment & the possible earning capacity? A rough working would help. Any government regulations on starting up a business of this nature?

I have no experience in this field though.

I will be able to bring in about 2 million Pesos with me to invest.

A warning on any possible pit falls would also be appreciated.

Also how can I apply for long term spouse visa for Philippines, What’s process is like? Is there a Government website I can refer to?

We also do have options to move to Singapore, where I hold PR & to the US if needed but we prefer a simple life with a decent income & more time to spend with each other that working behind a desk for most of our lives.

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    No doubt you possess some knowledge in business matters. Your questions could only be answered appropriately with the feasibility study. You may think I'm too academic but mind you even small businesses need careful planning to lessen the risks.

    Feasibility study of your proposed business takes care of the size of investment, operation, management, manpower, materials, equipment, marketing strategies and government permits, licenses and taxes.

    Good luck!

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    My advice is to actually live here for 6 months at the very least. That way you will have a good feel for wether this beauty salon has a chance because half the battle will be finding store space at a reasonable price and also the equipment.

    If you come back with your wife you can take advantage of the Balikbuyan visa which is basically a one year free visa. Your also eligable for the 13a spousal visa program should you decide to stay here.http://immigration.gov.ph//index.php?option=com_co...

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    As a half-Filipino half-Indian in the Philippines, I can tell you that YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND. Find some other country to settle down in. But if you can tolerate daylight robbery type of corruption then try it here. As for your visa to stay here, it will be no problem as you are married to a Filipina. And for the beauty parlor business it would provide you with reasonable income, but of course you have to choose a good location in Urdaneta. You can't go wrong in the Agri/farming business as long as you keep a close eye on it. 2M pesos would be a lot. Cost of living is certainly cheaper in the provinces as compare to here in Manila. If i were you choose singapore, you can't go wrong, it's a good and God-fearing country.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): My life here in the Phils. http://immigration.gov.ph//index.php?option=com_co...
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    agriculture / farming is a good idea.

    my dad bought lands when he was still working (i dunno how many hectares he bought but he owns 3 (tht is all i know but i overheard them saying there is in other places) mountain lands). now, he divided the lands to different agriculturing products depending on which season be on sale the most. every month he receives money while staying at home.

    he just stay in iligan while the land is in ozamis. (my cousins are taking the land there and my father just go there to collect and share some to my cousins).

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    I don't know the area but I know there is a need here. It will cost about 150000P start up for a small place.

    Schools are available to get your certification.

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    Sri Lankan and Filipino BANANAs could be a good match.

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    if you want to be in agriculture the NPA will visit you and charge an illegal tax or kidnap you for ransom, stay in the big citys

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    bro you must try canada....................as if you want a decent life so you mus go to canada as canada is awarded as the best country to live in continuously for more than ten years...................try canada if its possible for you.................but if wanna try some asian country then you can try singapore or malaysia rather than philipines

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