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How do you find Chemical Formula?

One Example on my HW are what is the formula of calcium and phosphorus, of aluminum and oxygen or of sodium and Oxygen.


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    You begin by setting up the two elements like this: Al (aluminum) O (oxygen)......then you find the charges of the two (3+ for Al and 2- for O) and write them to the top right of the elements so you have Al^3+ and O^2-.....if the charges have the same NUMBER--not positive or negative--then they cancel out and you have your chemical formula (such as NaO - Na has a 2+ charge and O has a 2- charge). However, in the case of Al and O, we have 3+ and 2-, so we criss cross the charges down and drop the signs, making the chemical formula Al2O3 (2 and 3 are subscripts)

    Source(s): AP Chemistry (I got an A!)
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    How To Find Chemical Formula

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