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Do a lot of guys not call back or is my "friend" a jerk?

We were together for months but didnt go out cause he told me he was too busy w/ school and work. I said that I wasnt going to do it anymore w/o a proper relationship and he asked me to be his gf. We only went out for a week before he told me his grades were too low and he doesnt want a gf right now. He kept saying that he doesnt want to lose me and how cool and awesome I am. I told him that its not like we were great friends before and he got upset cause he thought we were and told me that if someone hurts me or if I ever need him, he will always be there.

We have been "broken up" for over a month and he called me just to say hi and told me that he really likes talking to me. I called him last week and we talked for literally two minutes because he was "busy" as always. He told me that he would call me later and never did (he would do this a lot when we were together too). The next day, he texts me asking what i did on friday, I told him i was w/ my friends and asked him and he said he went to a party. I called him today but he never answered and still hasnt called back. Do a lot of guys do this or is he a jerk? I dont have a lot of guy friends so I dont really know..

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    problem here is in you quote. "friends" gives a guy all the control. Much props for putting your foot down in the begining. Hey he had time to party, w out u! he is a jerk, if he wanted to be with you he wouldnt care of how busy he is and he would multitask you into his schedule. it sucks but dont waste your time, i did this a year too long, ad walked awway feeling like a clown. im super busy myself , but i would have used all my sick days if this a hole would get back to me. im hurting right now, please dont get the ball going.....its not worth your pride.

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    No guys are pricks don't take it personal

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