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Have you ever asked out a girl who seemes unapproachable and arrogant?

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    Nope. If they seem unapproachable I don't approach. If they are arrogant, then I'm not interested.

    My wife seemed cold and aloft when I first met her, but later turned out to be warm and friendly.

    However, first impressions can be a barrier and unless you're lucky, you'll never get the chance to really know the person if they or you aren't open or appear friendly.

    I gave my teenage daughter advice years ago. If you like a boy, smile at them. As a result of my little coaching, she has had five boyfriends in the past four years. She is able to shop around, looking for Mister Right.

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    Umm yeh, but after i talk to them they dont end up being as arrogant. Most of them are actually nice girls.

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    Yeah just to see what would happen

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it's like you're describing me right's great ngl

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