Are these popular female names?

Rachel, Lilly, Beth, Amber, Jessica, Ashley, Nicole, Cheryl, Jennifer, Alicia, Kate, Lauren, Samantha, Julie, Karen, Miranda, Melissa, Amy, Erin, Tiffany, Brittany, Christina, Megan, Carrie, Tracy, Stacey, Shaniqua, Rylie, Kylie, Dorthy, Andrea, Danielle, Alexandra, Cara, Priscilla, Marie, Hilary, Juliet, Claire, Sarah, Maggie, Melinda, Linda, Kelsey, Chelsea, Arlene, Bobbi, Ryeshia, Dominique, Sasha, Mylie, Tara, Marcia, Rebecca, Savannah, Carly, Treasure, Martha, Victoria, Spicy, Georgette, Loulou, Tanika, Marsha, Dylan, Carmen, Fatima, Borques, Rosa, Peter, Brianna, Kori, Bonnie, Amanda, Leanne, Krista, Debbie, Donna, Jodie, Barbie, Rihana, Gubert, Chasity, Barba, Tania, Carton, Michelle, Lora, Mickey, Minni, Emily, Christine, Nemo, Hunter, Heidi, Puta, Helen, Kristen, Bailey, Moses, Nevaeh, Riane, Skyler, Lassie, Oscar, Dottie, Muffin, Sugar, Annie, Stevie, Carla, Trisha, Marlee, Ollie, Ashkoloy, Angel, Roberta, Giava, Mertle, Isabelle, LaEtta, Sniffle, Hynea, Turtle, Vivven, Dolly, Raven, Symone, Darine, Marose, Kelly, Mary, Sue, Jean, Jaylene, Karisha, Dumbledore, Hermoine, Quola, Sierra, Barkley, Talisha, Shane, Ross, Arielle, Sophia, Josphine, Margerte, Fufu, Darlene, Carmaita, Serena, Jane, Hope, Heather, Morgan, Fergie, Buttercup, Robin, Kiera, Jordan, Mercy, Doolittle, Fluffy, Lucy, Lisa, Beavis, Goopy, Chantelle and Bubble.

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    Fluffy - Doolittle - Beavis - Goopy - Bubble - Dumbledore

    Are you serious?

    Source(s): and those are just the ones that caught my eye!
  • 1 decade ago

    Dottie, bubble, Beavis, Goopy, FuFu, Spicey, Guber, Buttercup, Muffin, Turtle, Nemo, Dumbledore????????

  • Baps .
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    1 decade ago

    Some of them are, but Bubble, Treasure, Shane, Spicy, Oscar, La Etta, Peter and a few others are not. I've never her of a female called Oscar, Bubble or Muffin

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some are extremely common (Lilly, Savannah, Isabelle)

    Some are extemely uncommon (Goopy, Fufu, Borques)

    Some are well known, but past their popular stages (Kylie, Rachel, Claire)

    Most of them are extremely weird! (Sugar, Spicy, Doolittle)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh well you know my mother's name is Goopy and my daughter's name is Dumbledore and i'm thinking of calling my gender neutral turtle Sniffle- Doolittle, so i guess there all pretty popular...

    Source(s): Is this a Joke? It was Pretty funny, I thought
  • 1 decade ago

    My name is Loulou and I have a dog named Barkley!They are popular female names for woman and pets. :) Dumbledore is perfect for my next cat!

  • 1 decade ago

    Goopy?????? lol fluffy???????? Mercy??????? HAHAHAHAHA

    Sniffle?????????? HAHAHAHA bubble hahahaha

    Anyways!! i love the name Heidi

  • Some are and some, most definitely, ARE NOT.

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