Tennessee Long Distance Custody Question?

My ex gf left me and moved back to FL over a year ago. I knew she was pregnant, she was roughly 6 months pregnant. I have been doing everything in my power to establish preternity. I have only seen my little girl in pictures. I know for a fact she's mine but i've heard I need to do the DNA since my ex doesnt want me in her life to establish rights. She keeps making it difficult by going to the wrong dna centers, etc, etc and she keeps telling me she is going to drop the case so that I have no rights.

I want to know if anyone knows what I should do? How much child support will I be paying, how much custody can i get, and how often can I see her if I get the preternity finished.

Is there anyway to get full custody since she is 1 year old and I have never seen her.

When she was just a baby her mother took her to a hotel for a new years party where they where smoking marijuana and drinking. She had a man living with her at one point that would get drunk and pass out leaving marijuana and alcohol everywhere. At this point she lives with some guy she works with that she is dating. I don't think she has her own place.

Once again what should I do, what custody should I aim for, and is it possible to get her atleast half the year?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you do prove that your the father, unless you can also prove that she is an unfit mother, you will not get full custody.

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