Is Accounts payable an easy job?

I want to apply for temporary accounts payable job however I have only worked in general hotel accounts and a little bit of banking. How easy would it be to pull it off in the job interview to secure this job. I know a few people that I can put down as refeeres that will lie about my experience to help me get this job.

I am just scarred they might ask something I have no clue of in the interview

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    Anything is easy if you know what you're doing. Before applying for the a/p position, try and find out from the hotel's HR dept. what software is used at that hotel. Next, go online for a tutorial or demo on that software. Having people lie for you about your experience is very risky. Most employers today run complete background checks and it's quite possible you clinch the interview, get hired, and then when the background check comes back (sometimes things are uncovered after you are hired) and does not match up with what you said, you can be fired. That's why most employers consider the first 3 months of employment your probationary employment period. It's always best to tell the truth and not have unreasonable expectations placed upon you.

    Having said that, assuming you get the job, and learn the a/p software, there are usually restrictions on when you can take vacation as month-end is notorious for being a busy time for a/p because that's when they post everything to the general ledger. You can think you've entered all into the system and then along comes some nucklehead with an armful of invoices that must be entered into the system before you go home for the day. The negative is that a/p can be extremely boring and you will find yourself on auto-pilot once you master it. If it's what you need to do to pay the bills, then go for it, but I did it for 6 years and found it to be extremely B-O-R-I-N-G. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    Accounts Payable is a easy job but it depends on where you work. You must know GL codes and the difference between a debit and a credit. Also you must be flexabile and can work multi task. You must be on top of bills payment dates and payment amounts. I would suggest taking an Accounting class. Also if you do not have AP experience whoever is interviewing you will know. Especially if they give you an AP test, Also make sure you know Excel and Word because you might be required to keep up with spreadsheets and write letters to the vendors.

    Source(s): I use to be in AP for 6 years
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    It is pretty easy but there are little things they will know you don't know what you are doing and you will probably be fired the first day.

    My current bookkeeping job includes AP and I had done AP a little bit on a few other jobs but not in decades. The first time I did AP on this job the person training me said "I thought you said you did AP before" I told her I had but it had been about 25 years and only for a couple of months. Other parts of my job were more important and she was retiring so no problem just learning to do it her way.

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    I assume you have had some basic business courses or training in accounting? for office jobs, it doesn't get much more simpler than AP clerk - pretty repetitive, same thing every day basically - just learning whatever software they use will be the most challenging part - don;t worry

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    real easy

    liar,liar, pants on fire !

    just because u r "scarred" shouldn't stop u getting the position.

    What sort of scarring r u talking about ?

    are they on ur face or hands ??

    I have many scars but I still hold my head high.

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