How do you know when you have met the right person?

I have a gf for over a year now, i love her and everything, but sometimes i just feel i dont wanna be around her, i guess when you are really in love you just want to be around that person, but sometimes i want to be alone, is this normal? Sometime we get into fights and im just thinking, "i think i would be better off alone". But i thing on leaving her and i totally cant, cause i have so much great time with her and we talk so much and its pretty good, but i have this something that bothers me and i dont know what it is and this is making me think if i should better be alone or is it just a stupid feeling and we should give our space a little more, we have been talking about getting married in a time but sometimes i dont know if she is the right person for me and sometimes i do think she is the one, iam so confused and i dont know what to do, i think i shouldnt be this way cause she is so amazing and i do feel i love her. Please Help!!

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    1 decade ago
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    U know when u feel like u r in another world and u r not in the same u feel like nothing can separate u 2 no matter wat.

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    youll know when you know. If your argueing you have to honestly look at it from the other side. ya know like what is the fight about. will walking away fix it or to sit and talk fix it. girls are going to be girls but if you tried to leave her and you just cant then you need to really evaluate it then. think about your relationship and your life


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