I want to move to Chicago downtown from suburbs.?

I want to move to Chicago downtown from NW suburbs. But I have a convertible car. Is street parking any safe? Also, I am not sure if I should go for it as it might be too expensive to find a monthly parking. How much i would be ending up paying either way? Also, I pay $900/month all inclusive in the suburbs for my 860 sq ft 1 bed room apartment. How much all inclusive per month I'll be looking at to live in a decent apartment in Chicago city?

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    bridgport 1200 month +heat/water. rent a spot in someones garage 50 a month

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    I pay $900 for an all inclusive 2 bedroom apartment just north of Midway Airport in Chicago, which is about 20 minutes from downtown on the Southwest Side.

    My point is you're not going to find anything comparable to your deal ($900 all inclusive) in downtown Chicago or really any neighborhood near downtown.

    Search chicago.craigslist.org in neighborhoods like the Loop, Goldcoast or River North for a one bedroom, you'll get results like this for about $2,000 a month on the low end: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/apa/922332035.ht...

    Also parking downtown is never included and you're not going to be able to rely on street parking at all so if you have a car you'll have to cough up at least an extra $200 a month for a parking space. Again, you can't just say you're going to find a parking space in downtown Chicago every day, it's not going to happen.

    At your range, I would think you could find a deal like that in maybe Ravenswood, Lakeview or Lincoln Square.

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    Depends on area but I assume you want to live in the loop or on the North Side in Lincoln park or something like that. Street parking is terrible in most neighborhoods, expect to circle the block for an hour looking and then parallel parking in the smallest spot you have ever had to park in. If you have a nice car as you mentioned you have a convertible I wouldn't bring it to the city,your going to get some dents and bumbs from doors and parallel parking of other people. A spot is going to cost you a couple hundred a month probably around $300 and that's if you can get one in your building.

    I have lived in the loop near the board of trade, on the south side and in the nw suburbs as well and I prefer the suburbs.

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    You wouldn't even get a studio for 900.00 in downtown Chicago. Everything is condo's nowadays and the asking for rent is a least double to what you are paying now. Maybe a further north you could find something a little better. As far as parking it would be cheaper parking in a car garage which can cost as much as 500.00 a month. Street parking downtown is unheard of they have meters everywhere and a quarter is only good for 5 minutes so add that up...lol

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    i'd seem all alongside the blue line-- it is going to be a on the instant shot out to O'Hare on the blue line (it is around an hour from downtown) and likewise speedy get entry to to downtown for you spouse. You stated suburbs, yet considering the fact which you in addition to mght stated you have been looking in Lincoln Park, so i presumed you have been open to the city too? i comprehend no longer something concerning the suburbs, so this answer won't supply you any help there. in case you opt for a extra upscale community a sprint like Lincoln Park, attempt Wicker Park... it was form of counter subculture-y yet has moved right into a extra yuppie inhabitants in the previous couple of years, if that appeals to you. it is the Damen end on the blue line. any extra Northwest and the nieghborhoods are going to get much less great (no longer undesirable, yet no longer upscale). it is the place I stay. in many circumstances, they do no longer seem to be risky, yet they're no longer likely *renowned* the two, or a minimum of no longer this kind of in demand i've got self assurance you will like from the question. particularly some scholars searching for low value housing, a great number of mexican immigrants, a great number of working type families and so on. desire this helped you, I made particularly some assumptions concerning this kind of area you wanted, sorry if i grow to be way off aim!

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    Obama lives near downtown. Go for it. Parking is safe but expensive. I listen to the news and they say stuff like that. HEHE...Enjoy CHicago.

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    It really depend on the actual area you want to move to some street parking is fine but your rent would be more especially if its downtown

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