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can some1 trd me a shiny turtwig or a shiny chikorita?

pokemon i got 2 offer

Giratina (Quiet)

celebi (Relaxed)

Palkai (Adamant)

Uxie (bashful)

Registeel (Lax)

Mesprit (Gentle)

Rotom (mild)

Cressilia (Docile)

Regirock (hardy)

Venusaur (docile)

Armaldo (adamant)

Azelf (timid)

Heatran (quiet)

Swampert (adamant)

Regigigas (brave)

Spiritbomb (rash)

Articuno (sassy)

Dialga (rash)

Totodile (mild)

Cyndaquil (hasty)

Gible (jolly)

Blaziken (serious)

Infernape (naive)

Emoleon (timid)

Espeon (gentle)

Rayquaza (naive)

Luxray (lonely)

Weavile (brave)

Slaking (adamant)

Raikou (quirky)

Groudon (bold)

Rhyperior (brave)

Suicune (timid)

Mismagius (bashful)

Gengar (brave)

deoxys (jolly)

this is my fc 4553 8920 2754

leave ur fc n wat pokemon u want 4 them

ok thanx

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    Do you mean for all those pokemon...then definitly

    1389 2340 3249

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