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Some Questions About Web Design Web Design?

I'm a teenager (male) and I need some extra money. I'm pretty good with computers so I've decided to (try) make a website... i thought if i can make a popular enough one i would be able make money with Google AdSense :D I'm probably getting way to ahead of myself, but, anyway, I'm only starting out and i don't know much about websites so I want to get some books on web design. Now this is what i need you lots help for. I want to learn a basic web design code thing (i don't know the right words - sorry!) and work my way up to learning how to make a really nice looking page, so, what type of code thing should i (try) learn first? eg. html, css, ect. Also, do you recommend any particular books for beginners like me? Oh and if you have any other useful tips on web design I'd be happy to hear them!

Thanks guys! =)

P.S. Any ideas on what type of site i should make? It's a tossup between random blog thing or a gaming site... =P

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    HTML is the basic formatting language, which is used in every website, so you must learn this first. Then, you can learn CSS to learn how to spice up your site and make it look a lot better.

    These languages are just for websites and are inputed directly into the code, but then you can learn some real programming languages and start with maybe JavaScript or PHP. JavaScript is a client scripting language and PHP is a server side scripting language. These can be used for different situations and are really helpful in any kind of website.

    Hope this helped you =]

    P.S. check for more info

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    Web Design, Web Design, Web Design......

    Go to your library and pick up the earliest edition of web design if possible, make sure its something from the early 90s and build a site to look exactly like what is in the book and use lots of animated gifs they are very nice... Get notepad on your computer and get to work follow the book. Don't worry about css yet it may over complicate you need understand html first. Good Luck.

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    HTML and CSS are the first things you should learn! You need to learn HTML before you can use CSS, but they're both very important in modern web design.

    Check out this site to learn:

    They have good, basic tutorials.

    This site is good too:

    I find it's easier to learn the basics and then just google for any specific problems that you have. And it's easier to find answers about web design quickly online than it is from a book, in my experience. Books are good for a lot of things, but for this it's easier to use the computer to learn.

    anyway, good luck in making your website. don't just make another blog, there are a lot of those out there. if you do make a blog, why not make a gaming-specific blog? combine the two ideas into one. :)

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    I've been doing website design since 1997 - all self taught through trial and error. Html is the easiest to learn, CSS is more complicated. You can make a great website with html. There are tons of free website providers. The best one in my book would have to be I am a current user and am very happy with it. You can make a blog or regular website with Good Luck.

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    I think that this is an extremely good start for a 15 year old. I have been designing websites as a hobby for about 8 years and am still using Macromedia Studio MX Suit, and it has been able to do whatever I wanted it to. (Macromedia was bought out by Adobe, and made the products you are using now.) It includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FlashStudio, Freehand, and ColdFusion. I am not sure what the equivalents to those are now, but I think you are on the right track! Stick with it! Good Luck!

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    I'm totally into web design, and now I'm pretty good with it. I learned so much about it on this website, Actually that's where I learned every thing I know, from unclickable images to iFrames. You should check it out, because you can make your own mini-website about whatever you like with no cost. It's a little tough at first, but it's easy to get the hang of.

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    I don't know too much about web design, but I do know that html is the easiest to use.. But anyways, as for a website idea, you need to think of something that people want or are interested in.

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    You can find step by step guide on how to build a website below.

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