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Help with building computer?? Reboot and select proper boot device?

I have now finished putting this computer together but i cant get it to work.

I get a message saying "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

In the BOIS setting my primary boot device is the IDE HDD which windows xp is installed on..

However my old pc still boots up from this harddrive.

Please help??

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    dude, it sounds like u might have a hardware conflict, meaning, check ur hdd cables and make sure they are meant for IDE...u said that the hdd works in ur "old" pc. ur old pc obviously accepts IDE hdd which their cables have only one connection...u may have set-up ur "new" computer for a SATA hdd, which has 2 connections on its the end of the day, dude, check ur cables...

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    You have been given the correct answer above. The pc will not boot with the operating system from another pc on it. Set your bios where the cd drive is the first boot device.Put your xp disc in the new computer, then reboot, when prompted hit any key and boot from the cd. Do a new install of xp. When prompted delete the old partitions and windows will create new ones for you and will format them.

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    Apparently the bios isnt seeing the hard drive. Make sure jumpers are set properly and reboot. Putting a hard drive in a new pc with windows from an older pc isnt a wise idea in the first place due to the fact that the original installation loaded drivers for the old hardware. If you can get it to boot which I doubt, you will need to install the proper mobo and hardware drivers for the new pc. At best, you will end up with an unstable op sys. You will also find that your first windows update or visit to microsoft for software will unvalidate your copy.

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    Do you have any other media attached? Such as USB pen drive or a SD card in a card reader slot? As it is possible the PC will try to boot from these first..

    Is the hard drive a Sata Drive?

    Did you do the install of Windows/setup from the PC your trying to get to work now?

    Does the BIOS detect the Hard Drive? Just because the HDD IDE is selected as the first bootable device does not mean the PC can see it.

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    If your using your old HDD from the other computer you cant use that installation of XP in a new computer, try Formatting the HDD in your new computer and reinstall XP clean this might help.

    Good luck

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    Windows thinks your are trying to "steal" it when you put that drive in another PC. Id try getting a new harddrive, and formatting that with the XP cd.

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    Try wiping the disk and reinstalling XP. There could be a problem with the software on the HDD not wanting to work on a diff. computer.

  • you may need to put a windows disk in (preferbly xp) and fix the installation or Reinstall windows,


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