Cant remember the title to a 90s children’s sitcom about robots with VHS tapes for heads?

There was a show I used to watch as a kid which I cant rember the title of and its driving me crazy.

All I can remember about the show is that it involved a male teenager(?) and his friend a Jonny 5 style robot whose face was made out of a VHS tape. The robot seemed rather make shift and I believe it was built by the boys father. I also think there was a female robot that looked similar to the male robot but with longer hair (VHS tape), ect.

I thought this series aired on the Disney channel, but after looking for it I’m not sure of that any more. But, I am fairly sure it aired in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

If anyone could identify this show or the special or verity show this was a part of I would really appreciate it.

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    "Wake, Rattle and Roll" (Syndicated, 1990-91; retitled "Jump, Rattle and Roll" on Disney Channel reruns in the mid-1990s), made by Hanna-Barbera. The male teenage host (R.J. Williams) later voiced Kit Cloudkicker on Disney's "TaleSpin" (note spelling).

    This Wikipedia entry might help refresh a few memories...,_Rattle_and_Roll

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    Robots Vhs

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