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do you have any PETS?

i have adog a hermit crab 2 gunnie pigs but at my farm i have a horse a donkey more puppies 2 dogs pigs goats cows and bunnies the horses name is joe luie and the donkys name is presto my friend told me to name him that

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    Some sort of hamster, Burger.

    A Dumerils Boa, Akina.

    Two albino ball pythons, Nifty & Spiffy.

    One regular ball python, Ire.

    One red-tail boa, Juno.

    One emerald tree boa, Angst.

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    I have 7 dogs and 5 horses:

    A 6yr old brittany named Whit

    A 5yr old German Shepherd named Jake

    A 6yr old German Shepherd named Buster

    A 3 month old Golden Retriever named Huck

    A 3 yr old golden/lab cross named Mavi that we saved from the pound

    A 9 yr old black lab named Max

    A 1 yrs old cross named Bud that was saved from the pound

    We live on a big farm so they can run as much as they want and we love all of them VERY much!!

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    I have a dog named Snickers and 5 fish.

    My other 2 dogs died a while back and I had sooo many other animals before this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 hamster - Snowdrop

    2 gerbils - Lilac and Pansy

    2 rabbits - Poppy and Bracken

    3 cats - Fleur, Henry and Pumpkin

    4 ferrets - Holy, Lily, Woody and Willow

  • 1 decade ago

    I have 2 dogs: Maltese (13yrs) Boxer(1 1/2yrs)

    3 cats : Not sure what they are : 5yrs 2yrs 1yrs

  • 1 decade ago

    1 wolfdog -- Buddy

    1 OLDDD siamese cat -- Sagwa

    1 pregnant mixed breed cat -- Allie

    1 maine coon kitten -- Kitty (or Fluffball, whichever suits your fancy.)

    22 fish -- UNNAMED

    and a pet ant that is roaming around the house somewhere, being sneakayy.

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    1 decade ago

    1 hedgehog-Cupid

    1 rat-Theodore

    3 cats- Tiger, Zoro, Austin

    1 dog- Willy(chihuahua)

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    i have a hamster named rumpy, 2 dogs named molly and darby, and 2 parakeets named blueberry and sweatpea

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    1 decade ago

    yes i have 38 =]

    5 cats (3 are exotic)

    4 dogs

    2 horses

    2 shrimp

    20 something different birds =]

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