Roger Smith & Co. Silver Co. Mintmark?

I found what I assume is a candy dish at a flea market years ago and was curious when it was made. Rogers Smith & Co. New Haven Ct. with the mint mark of 1752. Its a dish on a pedestal, flowers and ribbons are etched on the top with a handle that folds down. Any information would be helpful.

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    The "mint mark" is actually a forge, model or some other reference number. It has nothing to do with when it was made.

    Nice find for sure.

    Roger Smith & Co. was formed in 1857 and became just a trademark in 1898. Roger Smith & Co. always used the mark 925/1000. If it does not have that mark it is most likely plated.

    Sterling on Friday was selling for 25 cents/gram. That is your bottom value if the object is solid sterling.

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    Smith Silver Co

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