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I can only see the first line of my blog on yahoo 360?

No matter what I click on I cant see the blog in its entirety. What am I doing wrong?

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  • kee
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    Try one of the following:

    Adjust your mature content settings. If you are sure none of your entries contain mature content, repost the entry but make sure that your mature content settings are either off for the entire blog OR for each entry.

    1) You can access blog settings by clicking the "Settings" link at the top and clicking "Blog Settings" on the left OR while in "My Blog" clicking "Edit Blog Settings" in the top center of the 360 window. If you unset it for the entire blog now, you still have to go back to previous entries and uncheck any that have the mature content setting.

    2) For individual entries, click the "Edit" link below an entry, click the "Show Options" link and check the mature content option, then re-save. (Although sometimes it's too late to uncheck the option, which is a 360'll have to use #2 below to get "age 18 people with activated 360 spaces" to see those entries).

    NOTE: If you do not follow the mature content guidelines, you are violating the 360 community guidelines (see ) which could make your page open toward abuse reports, violation notices, and possible shutdown of the entire account. Mature guidelines are in place to protect visitors (friends or not) that are under the age of 18. This includes pictures.

    Also, if you are using Microsoft Word to compose entries, stop.

    NOTE: The Y!360 team is no longer addressing bug reports, as it prepares to launch an universal profile system (UPS) in the 2nd half of 2008. This transition was announced in October 2007 and the UPS actually started in a rudimentary beta form on October 16, 2008. The Y!360 part of the system hasn't been transferred over fully yet.

    - See blogs at for more details. The 360 team blog is also accessible via the "Yahoo! 360 News" link in the upper right corner of your 360 space. You can post complaints on their blog, but don't expect a personal response.

    - See for more information on 360 glitches.

    - See the links in these blog entries for more details on Yahoo's overall direction and UPS: and .

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  • miliam
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    3 years ago

    a million) that is a severe 360 computer virus. many human beings were having an analogous issues over the awesome week or so. some have considered their area go back to established; some have not. in words of 360, it really isn't any longer solid to leap to severe conclusions related to what might want to easily be a computer virus/glitch contained in the equipment. Do as "in basic terms Bud" says and word the way it is going. or you could wait the computer virus out. 2) in case you reproduction from Microsoft be conscious or yet another information superhighway website, there is code that comes alongside with it regrettably. I recommend copying the textual content in to a Notepad record (textual content record...placed less than classes - upload-ons). make confident that Notepad's "be conscious Wrap" is checked less than its "format" menu. Then, pasting the textual content into the Notepad record, then paste it into your blog. Then, you should use the formatting buttons above the get entry to (like center, left justified, etc.) to assist keep it from extending. solid success!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe it was something you said (typed). Check your mouth, if it's a potty mouth, that might be the reason.

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