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Need idea for Alice program!?

My first assignment in using Alice is to create a program and demostrate it to the class. I can't think of a story line. Any ideas would be great? I've never programmed in Alice so not sure what others except me to come up with.

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    Start with a simple program that just displays an avatar and makes it say something. Then look at the events that Alice supports so you can decide what to make the avatar do next You can make it more around or you can add another avatar and have it say something.

    After you get the very simple program working, modify it slowly by making small changes to improve it. Each time you make a change, run the program again to see how it works. Don't make a bunch of changes and then run it, only to find out that something broke.

    Source(s): My huge brain ;) Alice seminars at SIGCSE Alice programming on my own
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