Model UN Resolution-English as the permanent language for international business and foreign affairs?

For our Model United Nations resolution, we're stating that the United Nations make the English language as an auxiliary language for use in conducting international business and use in foreign affairs between countries.

To create a resolution, (for all of those who don't know the process), you pick an idea to solve a world-wide problem, give "whereas-es" which are facts that support your idea, and then give an "in-conclusion" where you state what your plan is to fix the problem.

We're not really sure how to go about our resolution in concern to our "whereas-es", but we do have an idea for our "in-conclusion." Our conclusion is that the U.N. makes English a permanent auxiliary language when handling international business and foreign affairs. We plan to have all the translators that would lose their jobs due to this resolution be trained at the U.N. to become effective teachers. They would then go back to their respective countries' capitals and teach English at the universities there. We plan to make the skill of speaking and writing English a required course for all those pursuing college classes in international business or some type of political position. We plan to fund this program through other countries' support.

What are your thoughts and suggestions on this resolution? We have to be done by December 15, so please respond as soon as possible. Please freely give all your thoughts and point out flaws so that we can fix them. We really want our idea to pass in the mock "auxiliary councils" so we can make it to "general assembly." Thank you for your help!!

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    where as it has become evient that Eng is now being used throughout the world and its importance is now paramount to the facilitation of trade, commerce and communications amongst the people of the world.

    Therefore we are all in agreement that ENG language learning be encouraged at all levels in all communities.

    We plan......

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