A tsunami warning is issued for Indonesia after a 7.6 earthquake?

What would be the time between the earthquake and the tsunami - minutes, hours, days?


ba_wa_jo - What do you mean that they can be manufactured?

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    I would say less than an hour and also depends how strong the magnitude, time it occurs (high tide -low tide), and locations. Some earthquake as low as 7.2 (Nov 18,1929, Grand Banks New foundland) took exactly 2.5 hours when tsunami as high as 13 meters strucked Burin Peninsula and took 28 lives -27 drowned.

    High tide or low tide can also be an important factor when a tsunami hits. I would say that higher casualties, damage, faster movement of water may occur when tsunami hits during high tide as compared to the opposite (low tide).

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    That all depends upon where the earthquake occurs. The last one gives some indication, you see. The earthquake's epicenter was out in the Indian Ocean, as I recall, so it took only a little time for the tsunami to hit Indonesia's shores, quite a while longer to hit southern India and Sri Lanka, and it was hours more before it hit Africa. But if the next earthquake is next to Africa, then it will be hours before it hits Indonesia, so they will have time to prepare, while the Africans will likely be victimized before they can react to any warning. That's the trouble with warnings. They can't always be given in time for people to do anything. Sometimes animals feel minor shocks before a major earthquake, but not always. Sometimes minor tremors are recorded by seismograph but nothing at all follows. And predicting the path of a tsunami isn't that easy, either. As I recall, the area where that last big earthquake hit was particularly empty of seismographic tracking stations. There is a lot of recording done around Japan and China and a lot in the U.S., on the coasts. But the southern coasts of Asia are much less well covered and Africa has very little coverage, as I understand it. And who would have heard a warning, had one been issued? Many people in the areas that were hard hit by that tsunami were simple fishermen and farmers, not cityfolk with TVs and radios going 24 hours a day. It's quite a dilemma for governments to face and deal with, I'm afraid, quite a difficult situation indeed.

    Source(s): Newsreader and science journal reader
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    First, did any of the animal act strange? Have the animals left for higher ground yet? That will give you the indication that it will be happening real soon. Before any occurrence in nature usually the animals would know this first. I would say in a period of 45 minutes up to 12 hours depending on wind speed.

    We should rely more on nature than what man tries to tell us. Plus, they can manufacture a tsunami and a 7.6 earthquake.

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    Last time I read a News said that when an earthquake occurs... After 4 or 6 hours.. if no tsunami occurs that mean there is none...

    Usually less than an hours tsunami will occurs after an earthquake

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