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What were houses made out of in palestine in the time of Jesus?

I'm doing a project on what my daily life in Palestine would be like during Jesus's time. I found everthing else fine, but I'm having some trouble with this one!

P.S. Please hurry- this is due tomorrow!

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    It would depend on how the rich the person would be. The lower classes would've lived in houses made from a combination of stone and clay (which is still used in many countryside houses around the Middle East). There also would've been some houses made from mud bricks, though these would've been rarer and located solely around areas with large silt deposits, such as the Jordan River. The houses of the upper classes, especially in the cities, would've been made from thick blocks of stone, and quite possibly sheets of marble and granite. In all of these houses, there would have been thick wood rafters to support the weight of the roof, which would be most often made from clay or thatch (though the richer houses would've had stone roofs or tile). As in all houses in the middle east, the roofs would've been flat- not slanted.

    Source(s): 18 years of living in the Middle East
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    Dude. You deleted my answer! I worked hard on that answer. Palestine did not exist in the time of Jesus. He lived in Judea under the Roman occupation. Syria-Palestina was the name given to the area after the Romans suppressed the Second Jewish rebelion in 135 CE (about 70 to 100 years after Jesus died). Judea was a client kingdom of Rome at the time. It had a Jewish king but he was a pupet put on the throne by Rome. It was realy governed by a Roman imperial governor (called Proconsul). The Roman imperial government punished the serious crimes and the Jewish government was categoricaly prohibited from carying out death penalty punishments. There was also a Jewish assembly which ruled on matters of Jewish religious law (including marriage and divorce) Contrary to what "Magic Cat" said - the Arabs did not get to Israel until about 700 years later (as an invasion force led by Caliph Umar) The main population were Jews (Jew is just an English form of the word Judean) There were a mass of Roman soldiers and government burocrats and there was a religios minority called Shomronim (Samaritans) - who still live in the region of Shomron today (in the "West Bank") Jewish religion was mostly the same as today except that the Temple in Jerusalem was the religious focus. People brought animal sacrifices there and tried to get there three times per year for "Pilgrimage Festivals". The Shomron religion is probably pretty much the same as today -- they still offer sacrifices on mount Gerizim in Shomron.

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    There was no Palestine in the days of Jesus. It was Israel, and had been Israel for over thousand years.

    Before that, it was the land called Canaan. Not Palestine.

    1800 B.C. Abraham came to Canaan.

    1300 B.C. Israelite tribes came to Canaan.

    1000 B.C. Jewish conquest of Jerusalem, David rules as king.

    How did the land of Israel become known as Palestine?

    The land of Israel was invaded by the Romans. It was during the 2nd invasion around 135 A.D that the Roman general Hadrian, renamed the land of Israel, Palestine. He did this on purpose, naming it after one of Israel's enemies - who did not even live in Israel, but nearby.

    So you need to be sure to have that historical fact straight before you go writing a paper on what houses were made out of in Palestine at the time of Jesus, in order that you don't look like you are ignorant of history to start with. That wouldn't get you a good mark for your paper.

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    I'm thinking that, what with Jesus' earthly father Joseph being a carpenter, their house probably was composed of wood, mud and straw (wattle & dorb). ... something like bricks? I don't think Joseph was poor, and he was skilled. Jesus worked with him before starting his ministry.

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    Some "houses" were just shallow caves with a stone wall built in front of it. It is said that this is the type of dwelling that Mary, the mother of Jesus grew up in.

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    Wood structures with a casting of straw and mud, known as wattle and dorb.

    Some had stone structures, yet you had to be wealthier for that.

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    Mud connecting stones or just Mud, Sometimes with hay or thatch roofs.

    I wont start on how jesus dosen't exist though and i will try to be helpful.

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    A variety of things, but mostly mud bricks or stone depending on their wealth.

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    rock and dirt, water and straw.

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