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My cat doesn't like me...any tips?

I've had her for almost 3 years, but still she doesn't like me! She doesn't like to cuddle, purr, and she doesn't even pay attention to me! Is there anything I can do?

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    It doesn't mean she doesn't like you.Some cats are just not the cuddly purry sort, just like some people don't bother much with other people.

    Have you tried playing games with her, like dragging a bit of string along with a bit of screwed up paper tied on,most cats can't resist that,she'll maybe start to look forward to a game and pay more attention to you.

    I'm sure she really does love you for caring for her.

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    If she is an outdoor cat, try keeping her indoors for a few weeks so that you can be sure she hasn't set up a second "home" where she is being fed.

    Don't put food down automatically - let her come and ask for food so that she realises it is coming from you and that you are important to her.

    Play with her in the evenings - wave pieces of string around the floor or shine a torch around for her to chase.

    Put some cat nip on your lap so that she feels to has to come to you to investigate.

    At the end of the day, you may have to accept that she is an aloof cat who "walks alone", but she obviously doesn't realise how much she needs you at the moment.

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    Go see a vet 4 advice

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    It depends on how she was raised. Was she traumatized as a kitten? If so, then that would be the reason most likely. If not, see her vet. They might have answers!

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