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Does the worship of Obama remind us all how people can be easily swayed by charisma?

kind of like a lot of religions.


funny how I question Obama supporters and how easily they are swayed by him and they call me a racist? and then they call Religious people hypocrites?

Update 2:

I'm just proving a point when the tables are turned how hypocritical people can be and yes you obama worshipers are proving it well.

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    Excellent point. I agree. I will say he has a great deal of enthusiasm. Whether he can turn this country around is yet to be seen.His intentions to me seem genuine ,however, I believe he intends to grow government too large.Charisma can sway a lot of people but it wont be long lasting if he cant come through with the promises he made to the people.With better incumbents he wouldn't have had a chance to get to this point.

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    I do not know of anyone who Worships President elect Obama. Do you? If so, who? I would like to hear it from the proverbial "horse's mouth".

    Some people, mostly Ultraconservative Republicans,radical racist groups, and GOP members have tried to propagate the idea that Obama is being set up to be the Antichrist, or at least an Antichrist figure. That is gobbledygook.

    He is just a man from humble beginnings who beat all the odds and determined to make a difference with his life. Rather than hating or turning to rebellion, he rather choose education, and understanding. This decision has led him to Wisdom, which he has applied to win the greatest election of our time, and become the 44th President of the United States of America. His tasks will be momentous, and I for one will support he and his administration, regardless of whether or not I agree with everything I know or think I know about whatever decisions he makes, until proven wrong.

    I will not support a national police force, equal to or even close to equal to our military, nor will I support across the board gun control.

    However, I do not truly believe that either of these propositions are on his agenda, regardless of the sound-bites on UTUBE.

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    I'm in France, and I was amazed at the Obamania here. We are not directly concerned about US elections, and some days it seemed that our country was the 52nd state of the Union, with no right of vote of course. All that came forth from Obama's mouth was sacred, and McCain was a kind of ridiculous demon unworthy of any special attention from the medias. Yes, charisma is a dangerous thing: the good looks of Obama and his racial identity had a magical effect on anyone, but me. People would have bought anything from him...

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    Are you serious? He was just the better candidate. He ran a flawless campaign and showed the American people that he was more presidential then McCain was. He also made better choices and kept his cool.

    McCain made too many bad choices. First being his VP pick. He could have won if he would have made a better and smarter choice. His campaign was all over the place. He made his strong candidacy very weak because of his choice to go negative, showing his anger and frustration, and his choice of VP.

    I used to think McCain would have made a great president. He didn't stick to his values as an AZ US Senator. He tried to be more conservative then he actually was. He really let go of his values.

    That is why Obama won.

    Source(s): Political Science 101 Everyone, the guy's question is not racist. He just didn't realize the political implication of what choices the candidates make along the way and why Obama won.
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    Did the worship of charismatic, ignorant politicians with bad ideas remind Republicans of the same leadership they voted for that has turned the USA into a third-world banana republic? If so, why were they so infatuated with Sarah Palin?

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    When people are fed what they have longed for all their life by a person of power, even though that person is a good liar because of his charisma, they are easily fooled.

    Deuteronomy 11:16 Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;

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    Absolutely. I mean, he is president - elect. All this election proved was that millions of people are more swayed by their emotions and this nauseating mantra of "change" than the issues facing the Republic both internally and abroad. All Obama did was effect the notion in the voters that they are "victims", and thus he effectively manipulated their emotions rather than appealing to their intellects.

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    Your question is ignorant and potentially racist.

    President-elect Obama isn't worshiped, nor has he ever been. Grow up and stop being a sore loser.

    <funny how I question Obama supporters and how easily they are swayed by him and they call me a racist? and then they call Religious people hypocrites?>

    Yes, racist, and irrational. Give me solid examples of Obama supporters being "swayed" by him. I can give you plenty of examples of Bush and McCain supporters who goose-stepped along with the Republicans' warmongering and downright sinful social policies. If you're one of them, you have a lot of sins for your god to forgive.

    You're continuing to make unsupported accusations, Harry. How about some facts? You know--proof.

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    Nothing says worshiping Obama than a statue of Obama as Christ. :)

    And of course an Obama worship music video....

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    Nobody is "worshiping" Obama. Nobody. We just see him as someone who's willing and able to make the changes in governance that we see as necessary, and overdue, and also as NOT GEORGE BUSH!

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