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Do Obama supporters respect the rule of law?

When Obama is proven not eilgable for POTUS what will be your reaction. Will you support the LAW and Constitution or will you still be an OBAMABOT.


So is Alan Keyes.

Update 2:

I will accept he is my President when he becomes the President.

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    Obama, Biden, McLame, are ALL Members of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with FEMA, AIPAC, PNAC, AEI, JINSA, 80% U.S. Mass Media, NAU, Dept.Homeland INsecurity, are ALL Controlled by Satanic-Zionist-Scumbag--PUKES .. !!! These are The FACTS. !!! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!! > >

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    When a State's Constitution requires majority rule, you take a vote and live with the judgement. The people have spoken on Prop. 8. In the case of a Presidential election, we have the Electoral college to protect the lamb from the two wolves. I think our forefathers couldn't have ever imagined a nation that looks or behaves the way we do today. If you would have told Alexander Hamilton what happened in the districts where the Democratic votes were heaviest, then told him that the people of Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. have no right to own a firearm and explained which party made that happen, he would be adamant that the electorate was held under duress. The Commonwealth of virginia was entirely red except for the counties surrounding the city of DC.

  • I was born a naturalized American. I will always SUPPORT the Constitution. New laws are made on a regular basis and I can't say that I will support what my heart doesn't feel right.

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    I'm not an Obama supporter but I'll answer this anyway.

    Under section GS-SF-86, commonly called the full disclosure FBI background check, all presidential nominees are required to have this background check to ensure they are qualified to be president should they get elected.

    The FBI has verified Barack Obama's original State Of Hawaii birth certificate and concluded that it is valid. They also verified the two birth announcements in the two local hawaii newspapers, dated August 5, 1961, that announced Obama's birth in Hawaii, including listing the residence of his parents.

    Likewise, Obama will not be disqualified and the Supreme Court will throw out Philip Berg's case just as the Federal Court has already done.

    EDIT: Thumbs downs never change the truth.

    Source(s): Retired Profiler
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    Very few if any people respect the rule of law where it comes to politics.

    It's been this way since the beginning of time and continues to get worse with each passing day.

    I'm No one's "BOT" I'm just here to give my input on the questions people ask.

    Never thought it would be such a fun place to be as some of the questions and answers are just plain hilarious.

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    Whether you supported Pres. Elect Obama or not, you must consider that this may be a way of testing what the American people will accept regarding Constitutional issues and accountability.

    This importance of this issue is not about Pres. Elect Obama personally; it is about whether we as a people will protest effectively or simply comply when those who seek to govern us attempt to conceal crucial information.

    It is about whether the majority of Americans will overlook, even enable, questionable behavior and motives by those in power if they happen to like the person in power, or see opportunity in the situation.

    Will Americans gamble their Constitutional guarantees, and those of their fellow Americans, in order to realize short-sighted agenda? Can Americans be bribed into accepting precedents for the revocation of their fundamental rights?

    Such things serve as referendums on whether the majority behind a leader would accept policies that disenfranchise dissidents or minorities, and this can always turn on you next.

    You have a constitution and individual rights here, you should be proud and protect them! It is quite possible that NOTHING is out of order with Pres. Elect Obama's certificate. However, you must consider what could happen if a candidate you do not trust used this as a precedent!

    One circumstance: if an Obama presidency goes great, but if his certificate is doctored after his term(s) to read that he had been ineligible according to our constitution, then a precedent is set for ANYONE to become president--someone who may not like you at all.

    We must remember that many people around the world throughout history have yearned for the right to have a natural-born citizen of their own country as their head of state, rather than a member of an lmperial family from outside their own culture, or an appointed administrator! We are fools if we do not claim what is already ours! Obama should understand this; he says he loves this country; why would he not encourage sentiments such as those I express here rather than evade them?

    Please think of your children and demand that the Democratic Party, Obama, your elected officials, and court system treat you and your fellow Americans with the respect we all wish to give them.

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    the rule of law is that the DNC has the authority to verify a candidate.

    The Constitution sets the criteria, and the party verifies it.

    That IS the law.

    Don't get so hung up on page after page of fabrication that you can't cut to the chase.

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    Silly kid tricks are for kids and the answer is no because a few were broken to get him elected......park bench as an address? Same day voting as registered in Ohio so people could come in from out of state to vote for Obama? In Mn they are creating ballots to make sure Frankin wins so it is evident that Dems in general do not respect the law and in fact hate the Constitution because they are always trying to stamp out free Speech, the right to own and bear arms, and create laws or rights that do not exist like abortion and privacy.

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    Do you ask these ridiculous questions just to get a rise out of us? Now why on earth did Pres. Bush invite the Obama family to the White House? Could it possibly be because he actually thought Obama would be our next president? How strange that he would do that if he thought Obama was not eligible to be POTUS.

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    If such an unlikely thing as this takes place, I'll choose the constitution. We would have to accept it, just as the right has to accept that Obama won.

    But I can't help but wonder if you have proof of this why did no one tell McCain so he could use it against Obama instead of making things up?

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    If he were applying for a job with a defense contractor, he wouldn't qualify for a Top Secret clearance. Too many "ify" things in his background. I voted for the other guy. Buy guns and ammo.

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