Have you known USA wants to invade my country?

United states want to build a radar base in Czech republic and a missile base in Poland (one time, this was planned to be here instead of the radar). The conditions are so unequal that we would have to give away a significant part of our land losing any control over it FOREVER and for almost no price besides a visa-less travelling into US. (Not that I would want to go there for any reason, but this has been the major attraction for people who agree with this.)

The main thing is that about 70% of Czech population is against, we don't want this system to be built, not in our country, not at all. However, our "democratic" government simply overlooks this. What can we do besides going into streets, protesting??

I am not afraid to call this an invasion. A very similar situation happened in 1968 when our government INVITED Russian troops to occupy our country in order to stop some non-socialistic development. This threw us under their full power for another 20 years. In 1968, we claimed we never want any foreign army to stay in our country... and now it's here again.

My question is whether you have known about this "anti-missile" system and if you have, if they have also told you that much more than one half of us are against (not speaking about all the other European countries which rejected this right in the beginning).

Please read:


And please remember that no missiles are peaceful. In a civilised world, there are other ways to fight international problems than threatening the others by a third world war.


Thank you all very much for your opinions so far.

Rubber Cranium: I forgot to mention this was indeed held secret for the citizens. When it began to leak, the national TV reacted by CENSORING the contra campaign and depreciating the actions - like saying "a few drugged anarchists/communists shouted something" when the reality was that several hundred organized university students went to the centre for half a day and had speeches and media talks (to small TVs and newspapers) and the like.

6.5x.284: Let's see what the new president will be like. I hope very much things will be better, but I don't really believe he would stop this case.

P.S. I can't understand how one can say: "We don't want Russians to stay here, THEREFORE we must invite Americans." Do we always have to be someone's colony?

Update 2:

Thank you once more, there is some very interesting discussion here... I really appreciate that no one has posted any hateful comments so far (and that no one has reported on my question for any reason), I was afraid it won't remain so calm and concious.

As soon as I get back home, I'll take some more time to study all your responses in detail. I like to hear out both the sides, even if I reward a Best Answer, it won't be necessarily some that agrees with me. Let's see...

BTW, I'm sorry for a typo in the above dates.

Update 3:

Thanks kaksi_guy for your precise histotric overview, it seems to have impressed many. Thanks go also to Rubber Cranium for returning to my question and to the fellow Czech here.

Thanks to all who support me and the same to all who oppose, giving me various new points of view on the matter. The discussion is really very interesting here, I'll extend the duration.

You are helping me very much.

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    Yes I've known. US wants to do this in many countries. Unfortunately not many people know this here.

    And I'm against this cause. Going against the will of the people is not a democratic way, but an invasion indeed.

    Last I heard about "protecting" people was taking their rights of privacy away in USA and now they're doing whatever they like to the consent of other countries governments, not the people themselves.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If we want to stop USA, we would have to attack them. They don't listen to us. They asked to invade a country, got a veto from the Benelux, France, ... and decided to do it on their own. So unless we went to Iraq with our own army to forcefully stop them from invading, we don't have any influence. The only thing we can do is say 'we'll not sell to you' or 'American import will have higher taxes'. But then there will be a backlash... . Can we handle that? Our political leaders decided we could not. So why are we unable? Because we don't want to get into war with the US. Or maybe we can't. The Nato consists of America and Europe - most countries don't have an 'army' of their own any more. Also, we have had some disadvantages: while the European countries have been fighting among themselves in the first part of the 20th century, America was growing. While we were trying to get along - which is quite complicated due to our different backgrounds, cultures, past, languages, and the occasional Trojan horse - America was growing. And, also, don't forget, we all depend on America. Painful as it is to say. After WW II money value was connected to the American dollar. Wall street crash. And now they're in trouble again in America, and guess what? We're having massive losses as well. We are tied to that continent by market. What first minister is going to put all our prosperity on the line? It might have advantages in the long run, but he'd lose the next elections. In the end, apart from our internal problems, global market and army-situation, we are still ruled by people who are in essence selfish. Politics is no longer something you do because you have an ideal. It's a job.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the site is planned within the military training area, not acessible now and for last 60+ years.

    the territory remains Czech.

    State security issues cannot be resolved in refferendum, since in czech republic expecially, ANY refferendum about fighting would fail, including referendum about the defending the Czech territory itself.

    Great thing would be if we manage to delay placement until the new president and goverment of the US declare preparedness to support the site...

    I would not like to have here an unsupported PoSE /problem of someone else's/.

    Besides i personally find that radar site much smaller evil than our "political will" to participate in the Afghan war, for which we dont have resources nor training. Surprisingly our goverment boldly offers our troops and crews as a stuff into that meat mincer.

    Source(s): czech. if we had a referendum about decreasing taxes to 0 /zero/, the referendum would succeed. whatever the consequences with drained state budget.
  • P. W
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    1 decade ago

    We had this situation in the 1980s, when the "Women of Greenham Common" camped outside the US Air Force Base. In their misguided view, all missiles were to be opposed. History has proved them wrong about the Cold War, but do not expect any apologies.

    A radar base is not the same as an invading army. The US does not intend to take over your country, as it has had military bases in the UK for many years and there are still no signs of them storming the Houses of Parliament.

    Military weapons can be used defensively, because the argument "the Czech Republic has an army, all armies are offensive, therefore the Czech Republic is offensive" is simply not true.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, I've known that the US wants to station an ' anti-missile shield' in eastern europe. I don't think it is intended for the purposes the US claims.

    it is more a thorn in russia's side than for defensive purposes.

    it is disgusting the way america behaves in this world, as if its interests were primary and no one else mattered. there is not a single corner in the world where america's military presence does not extend.

    PS: the americans here talk so patronisingly as if it were a blessing for a country to be invaded by the US.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that to oppose a missile designed to shoot down an offensive one is stupid and that you're another toy of Russian propaganda. You're overreacting to sensationalized, biased, poplular media that has no real knowledge of the topic at hand.

    On the other hand, I can't see the point either.

    But then, if I were your govt, I never would have told you about it to begin with...


    Look, man, it's hardly an invasion. I understand and agree that if your people don't want it, you shoudn't have it, but you should know the facts 1st. I don't believe you have them. I also believe Russia is overreacting. I think there's a lot neither of our govts are telling us about it. I do find it odd that Russia was invited into this but rejected it. Hopefully we'll be seeing a bit more transparency in January.

    If one were to look at Iran's long range missile capabilities, (In Jane's Defense, or globalsecurity.org) they would find that the long range missiles they purchased from Korea have more than enough range to reach out and touch Europe. I honestly do not believe Russia is the purpose of this so called "sheild".

    I just think they're back to their old ways again but with a twist.

    Bashkar, I talk patronizingly to you because you are a child and your views are childish, not because you're not from the US.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have heard of this and I support the anti-missle system. I know you dont as you said, but Putin has already threatened to bomb Europe. I cannot say I disagree with your reasoning as if anyone came to my country I would feel the same way as you, but looking at it from a government perspective, I think the system must be built to protect people from attack.

    I too wish the world was civilized...but as long as governements exist and control things, us citizens will always pay the price.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Being an American, I see this as a great thing for my country to do for the protection of herself and her interest and also the czech republic as well. Though I am not for your cause, I still believe it is in the best interest for the czech people to protest in what they think is in there best interest. Even if it means my countries military withdraw. I understand why my country has parked military units there and I need not say more. But I hope that what ever you find in your heart to be in your best interest you may find an solution to this problem peacefully.

  • 1 decade ago

    America being a huge target must be kept safe from rogue nations and in doing this sometimes a little sacrifice for better protection even for the host country does not seem all that bad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its not an invasion...its old news here and if your government has invited the missiles there,its not any sort of invasion...get over it...America is good for you...especially now that a real leader has been elected

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