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    1. the Second World War invents

    2. nuclear weapon by the US, using the nuclear reaction light heat

    radiation, the shock-wave and the induced radioactive creates killing

    and the destructive effect, as well as causes the big area pollution,

    prevents opposite party military action to achieve the strategic goal

    the weapon. Mainly includes the nuclear fission weapon (the first

    generation of nuclear weapon, usually is called atomic bomb) and the nucleus fusion weapon (is also called hydrogen bomb, divides into

    two level and three). Also some also puts in the weapon interior has

    the induced emission light element, increases the radiation intensity

    expansion pollution, or strengthens the neutron emission to kill the

    personnel (for example neutron bomb). The nuclear weapon also

    calls the nuclear weapon or the atomic weapon.

    3. on August 6, 1945 (Second World War)

    4. Japanese Hiroshima; Because must urge Japan to surrender

    5. because the nuclear weapon has the fearful might, Japan's Hiroshima, Nagasaki's house it is said also has the radioactive rays to the present

    2008-11-16 14:31:55 補充:

    Types of nuclear weapons

    There are two basic types of nuclear weapons: fission bombs, or atomic bombs (A-bombs), and fusion bombs, or hydrogen bombs (H-bombs).

    2008-11-16 14:32:40 補充:

    Fission bomb or atomic/atom bomb (A-bomb)

    The first basic type of nuclear weapon produces explosive energy through nuclear fission reactions alone.

    2008-11-16 14:32:50 補充:

    These weapons are called fission bombs. They have also been called atomic/atom bombs (or A-bombs) since their first use, though their energy comes specifically from the nucleus of the atom.

    2008-11-16 14:33:29 補充:

    In fission weapons, a mass of fissile material (enriched uranium or plutonium) is assembled into a supercritical mass—the amount of material needed to start an exponentially growing nuclear chain reaction—

    2008-11-16 14:36:08 補充:

    either by shooting one piece of sub-critical material into another (the "gun" method), or by using chemical explosives to compress a sub-critical sphere of material to many times its original density (the "implosion" method).

    2008-11-16 14:36:19 補充:

    The latter approach is considered more sophisticated than the former, and only the latter approach can be used if plutonium is the fissile material.

    2008-11-16 14:36:37 補充:

    A major challenge in all nuclear weapon designs is to ensure that a significant fraction of the fuel is consumed before the weapon destroys itself.

    2008-11-16 14:36:41 補充:

    The amount of energy released by fission bombs can range between the equivalent of less than a ton of TNT upwards to around 500,000 tons (500 kilotons) of TNT

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