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Barrels! Barrels!” sang a voice. It was not their imagination. It was Erik. He was everywhere

Raoul approached the barrels and slowly pulled a stopper out of one of them, hoping to find water, but only a small cloud of black dust emerged. Gunpowder! What was this madman planning?

Erik had given Christine till eleven o'clock that night to decide if she would marry him and time was rumming out. Many lives were at stake as Raoul and the persian searched the cellar for a way to escape.They found nothing.

Faced with the possibility of death in this miserable cellar,they climbed back through the trapdoor into the torture chamber above.The lights were now out and the air was cool enough for them to breathe.They heard Erik's voice coming from the next room.

"You have five minutes to decide if you will be my wife,Christine. Take this key and open that box on the table - my little box of life and death.Inside it you'll find two handles attached to a little invention of mine.One handle is shaped like a scorpion and the other like a grasshopper.If you turn the scorpion,I'll know that your answer is yes.If you turn the grasshopper..."

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    桶!桶! “唱的聲音。這不是他們的想像力。這是埃里克。他到處拉烏爾走近桶,慢慢地扳回一擋了其中之一,希望能找到水,但只有一小團黑色粉塵出現。火藥!這是什麼瘋子規劃?埃里克了克里斯蒂娜到十一點,那天晚上,以決定是否將她嫁給他和當時rumming了。許多人的生命受到了威脅作為拉烏爾和波斯灣搜查地窖的一種方式escape.They什麼也沒找到。面對死亡的可能性在這悲慘的地窖裡,他們回升通過陷到酷刑室above.The燈,現在和空氣涼爽足以讓他們 breathe.They埃里克聽到的聲音來自隔壁房間。

    “你有5分鐘,以決定是否將我的妻子克里斯蒂娜。採取這一關鍵和開放的方塊放在桌上-我的小方塊的生活和d eath.Inside它你會發現兩個手柄連接到小發明的地雷。處理是一個形狀像蝎子和其他像grasshopper.If打開蝎子,我就知道你的答案是 yes.If你把蝗蟲... “

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